Sunday 2 March 2014

linking up

I'm not sure who this post is benefiting more
you lovely people
the blogs I'm linking
or me.
I think me because I am finding it a challenge to choose
a winner for my giveaway.
To make it easier, I have made a link list of your favourite blogs.
To make it clear I am not choosing a winner from these blogs,
 these are your entries.
If I choose your favourite blog entry
then you will be the winner!
So many great blogs.....this could take time x

In no particular order.
Going Gently
Noors Place
Lazy Seamstress
Anna Emilia
I'm a Ginger Monkey
15 Minutes Play
Wendy Knits
Tendril and Twine
Cut to Pieces
Paisley Farm
Penhallow Street
Girl like the Sea
Love Making Things
Quarter Inch Mark
Above the River
Faeries and Fibres
The Bored Zombie
Suziqu's Threadworks
Quilting is more fun than Housework
Tickle and Hide
Completely Cauchy
Mack and Mabel
Freckles Chick
Maureen Cracknell
Stitched in Color
The Custards
Willowbeck Designs
Flossie Teacakes
Carrie Strine
Every Stitch
Quilt it
Pretty by Hand
Molly Flanders
An English Travel Writer
Charm about you
Helen Philipps
Film in the Fridge
Posie gets Cosy
Sue Garman
Attic 24
Blue Mountain Daisy
Mias Landliv
Kitchen Table Quilting
Yarn Harlot
Bonjour Quilts
Displacement Activity

*entry to my giveaway is now closed
the results are in progress
the winner will be notified
by the end of this week
and gift making will commence!


  1. Oh my,that would be daunting! Have a good week will come to you,,....;)

  2. See, I slack up on my blog reading due to busyness and I lose out. That'll teach me!

  3. Yes...I have already spent several sewing hours checking them out! There are some really inspiring ones there!

  4. Honoured to be on that list and I know my choices are winners regardless :-)

  5. i missed entering this giveaway (sad face)...but i am looking forward to checking out a bunch of new blogs! thanks!

  6. Wow this idea of yours has generated loads of interest, and a lot of time and work for you Clare!
    Thank you for listing all these wonderful blogs for us to visit, lots of new ones I've not heard of so looking forward to checking them out.
    Your quilts look lovely on the line in the sun, hope you've found some stitching time too!
    Gill xx

  7. Hi Clare - happy readings! Wow, this is great for us also to find NEW blogs! This is now out of the give away, but later I remembered that I should tell you also about Susan Branch. Her site is and I know you will love it! x Teje

  8. I am so honored to be a part of such a wonderful list of talented bloggers! This is a great idea and I now have some great new blogs to follow :-)

  9. I cant wait to go through these blogs! Thanks for compiling the list. Like, Lucy, I am honored to be on the list. I have to say....I love the clever names of blogs!

  10. Great to see two Aussie bloggers make the list. Rachael and Kirsty are not just funny but very talented too. Good luck picking a winner. Mr random Generstor might have to come into play I expect!

  11. Going Gently - John is my lovely friend and he starts my day with a daily laugh xxxxx

  12. wow - I can't wait to make my way through this list - quite a few blogs there I haven't discovered yet! By the way - one of my suggestions hasn't made it onto the list :-) Have fun browsing and choosing!

  13. This has absolutely made my day! To be selected by someone as favorite! Wow. (love you too Lisa!) I might be a little bleary-eyed in addition to extremely honored. Such a cool, grounded, and personal idea. Can't wait to take at look at some of the other bloggers too!

  14. Thanks for putting up the blog list, lots of new ones to read:)

  15. Thanks for sharing the list. It will be fun to look at some new blogs.

  16. Shucks! Missed it again! Nevermind - you can enter mine! Fantastic quilt Clare! Bet you're pleased. xCathy

  17. Sure I`ll have a look these blogs.

  18. There are some great blogs listed there Clare including a few of my favourites. I am going to check them out! Have a lovely week!


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