Friday 27 September 2013

my favourite quilt

 When Mary gave a shout for us to share our own favourite quilts
how could I resist?
My favourite quilt was made with a multitude of fabrics
that I scoured the earth for...nothing special.
it's not what you have but what you do with it!
 I am yet to beat my 'summer of love' quilt.
This quilt was a labour of love.
It was hand pieced before I 'joined' the online quilt world
I was very much alone for a long time.
I think the beauty in this quilt comes from the 
crazy mix of patterns and colours
which look haphazard but were all chosen to balance each other,
the beauty also comes from a mind not addled by online pressures.
I know we've all seen this quilt before
but I dont mind rolling it out again
as long as you dont!
Why not join in Marys link party
with your fav?

Wednesday 25 September 2013

five six and sevens

Day five in the selfsewn household
a nasty cold is keeping her under the quilt...
but she has kept herself going with some six sided sewing
and a whimsical colour coordinating film*


*seven brides for seven brothers

Wednesday 11 September 2013

piggie in the middle

Once upon a time there were two friends Mary and Susan.
Both were talented crafters with great taste...
but as they lived so far apart how could they ever meet?
This is where the piggie* part comes in.
*the piggie being me!
Okay so they aren't here in person
but their goods do get to mingle here at my house!
 The first surprise to arrive was from Susan in Australia.
We have a shared love of brown 'n' colour
I love how it ties everything together.
My favourite piece is the heavily quilted fabric tub
made from an old tea-towel,
it's just my thing!
Thank you Susan for getting me out of my funk x
 And then along came these American beauties.
Mary always picks such wonderful things.
The little labels were used within moments
as I had just made jam.
I haven't sewn much this year
but I think I could get used to precuts!
Thank you Mary you are a sweetheart x
 The little verbena magnet
found its home in my printers tray.
I do feel like a little piggie
with all these lovely gifts.
With them all gathered here
I am amazed how well they sit together.
A meeting of generous generous minds x
*recognise my hairband Susan?

Monday 9 September 2013

simple is as simple does

 Hey it's September and I am back again from another campervan trip.
I'm feeling a little more refreshed this time.
My life is fairly simple though my quilting is not.
So when I spied this sweater* in my favourite French shop Bonobo
I knew I had to have it
so everyone knows that I'm trying to keep things simple....
maybe I've just accurately labelled myself..
damn it!

*nothing like trying on sweaters in 35 degree heat....
that's forward thinking for you and not at all simple!