Friday 29 June 2012

the chicken or the egg?

 Yesterday I found the Material Obsession book in my local library,
this was my first ever look at one in the flesh.
They mention that a lot of their inspiration comes from antique quilts,
I think it's all too easy to become blinkered by the internet
and to forget that most designs have been around the block
(excuse the pun)
for a few hundred years.
I thought I'd share my first and favourite quilting book.
I think it fuses the traditional with the modern
in a subtley elegant way.
 Many of the quilts we've seen before..
 and some that we haven't
I guess what I'm trying to say is 
dont always be looking to far forward.

Well now we have a summer of busy weekends
how does that happen?
Whatever you're up to have a happy weekend!!

Thursday 28 June 2012

shelf life

Now that I'm spending a good deal of time out of the house
the wip are stacking up!
I will be revealing two next week fingers crossed!!

Monday 25 June 2012

project gingham

 After I finished my candy girl quilt
I found I was at a creative loose end.
Yes, I have plenty of wip,
but none that I've wanted to do.
So when Krista and her pals began playing with gingham
I wanted in.
I played around with a couple of colours as seen in an earlier post,
and worked out what block I liked,
then it was a matter of deciding the colours.
I really like how the middle part creates a square,
so I went with one colour for the corners,
I think the grey really ties the colours all together.
 Off track slightly..
for at least five years now I have been using the same needles,
by that I mean the same pack!!
I've snapped most of them now,
so when I at last found more I shrieked with joy.
They are not really for everyday sewing,
but I've got so used to them
if I pick up a short needle it feels weird!
(I found these in hobbycraft UK)
 Ah simple bunting made from chain stitching my patches hehe!
 As I am using fabrics from my stash this year,
I'm afraid these gingham's are horrid polycotton.
I'm making a table runner,
so I think it will be okay.
I've backed it with a stripey flannelette pillowcase!
No batting needed.
As you can see I'm hand quilting,
this is my second attempt.
I wasn't sure about it,
but sometimes you have to take the plunge!
ps. the big reveal will be July 4th
 if you want to join in

Friday 22 June 2012

the importance of being average..

Okay so I'm not using average as a derogatory term regarding ones personal life,
I'm using it as in 'the mean'.

So yesterday I spent the day avoiding workmen with my parents,
with the intent of enrolling my Mum into the world of paper piecing.
(she was already a willing victim)
As the hours past whilst we tried to make her a perfect hexagon template,
I began to notice how the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
Basically it turns out we both 'wing it'.

I explained to her that my reason for English paper piecing is that
I'm a terribly inaccurate cutter of fabrics,
and that with epp it doesn't matter
which is why I do it.

So my Mum chimes in
'that it's better to be all over average than to be perfect just once'
If you make one part perfect, everything after that has to be just as perfect.

I suppose you could use this rule in life...
 it works when I'm machine piecing,
and I am by no means perfect.

Happy weekend all!!

Wednesday 20 June 2012

the gingham garden

If you read between my lines
you've probably worked out that we are having an extension built,
which means I cant potter in the garden!!
I'm doing my best to keep out of their way,
but on occasions when I'm home
I bury my head in the stash sand
plug in planet rock
and surf the net do stuff.
So Krista from Kristastitched is hosting project gingham.
As I am on a no spend and have gingham I thought I'd have a go.
This is it so far, I have no idea where it's heading,
possibly a table runner?
I like it hanging on my design wall though hehe!
ps. is this block a shoofly or reverse shoofly?

Tuesday 19 June 2012

thank you*

 If the sun refused to shine
I would still be loving you.
When mountains crumble to the sea
there will still be you and me 
* Led Zeppelin

Still sleepy eyed from a late night in London
I just had to thank my favourite singing human being 
Chris Cornell
(singer with Soundgarden)
for twenty years of never ending musical bliss.
(and for growing your hair again)
An evening at the London Palladium like no other.
sweet euphoria

Friday 15 June 2012


So this is the first time since I started gardening this garden that I have actually said
that the garden looks really good!
And that's with all the disturbance.
Sigh... roll on next summer is all I can say.
It will all be worth it!
Hope your weekend is good with a little less rain
though I wouldn't bank on it!!
ps. thanks for your lovely comments on my candy girl quilt
she has actually been in use on my bed June!?

pps. off to do my tea making duties..

Tuesday 12 June 2012

*candy girl..

you are my world!
check out that phat binding!
When I heard that Ellison Lane Quilts were having a summer inspired quilt contest,
I became like a women possessed
I hoped that I might have my hexagon quilt finished in time to enter.
Whats more summery than cotton candy stripes blowing in the breeze,
even if it is another grey day!
 It's english paper pieced with vintage sheets,
and it's incredibly soft.
The backing is a candy striped sheet which I've had in my stash
 for a few years, just waiting for the right project.
I made another attempt at fmq,
I kept things loose to retain the squishy factor.
I went for the meandering loops for added whimsy
(don't you love that word!)
I also wanted to try out a wider binding for a change,
we all enjoy the binding there's just more to love!
This is my big 2 inch hexagon piece and love qal,
if you would like to give it ago join in here
or if you would like to see my progress clicky  here
There are at least 200 hexagons
which make roughly a 60 inch square.
I'm bummed out that we have no sun, the colours really do sing in the sunshine.
I promise if the sun makes a return I shall rush out and take some sunnier snaps
until then
I hope this has brought a little sunshine to your world.
Don't forget to hop along to Ellison Lane Quilts for some more eye candy!!

*Candy Girl - Jackson 5

Monday 11 June 2012

*it's oh so quiet...

 it's oh so still
 you're all alone
 and so peaceful until...
the workmen move in and tear up the patio!
Yep things in the selfsewn household are a changing.
but shhhh we will keep things quiet for now
whilst I hide under a quilt or two.
ps. you may have noticed that I have a new quilt in the pile,
 I'm just waiting for the perfect day to take some pics
this might take some time....

*it's oh so quiet- Bjork

Friday 8 June 2012

the calm...

 So this was the calm before the storm.
My lupin was the best.
Needless to say it doesnt look like this anymore!
I dont have any after pictures,
lets just say things are a little wrecked.

Never mind the weather, nevermind the rain
Now we're all together, whoops she goes again*

*Jolly good company by Raymond Wallace 1931

Thursday 7 June 2012

bring me sunshine...

er-hmm quilting over...let the binding begin!
I'm continuing the theme of vintage sheets for the binding,
one bonus is the extra wide fabric you get from bedding.
I am going for a wider than normal binding,
to produce a more substantial edge.
 It is a prerequisite to adjust ones attire accordingly!

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Sunday 3 June 2012

shine on you crazy diamond*

Today's stitches were accompanied with jubilation's of the royal kind.
Congratulations Ma'am on your 60 years serving our green and pleasant land.
We thank you.
*pink floyd