Monday 11 June 2012

*it's oh so quiet...

 it's oh so still
 you're all alone
 and so peaceful until...
the workmen move in and tear up the patio!
Yep things in the selfsewn household are a changing.
but shhhh we will keep things quiet for now
whilst I hide under a quilt or two.
ps. you may have noticed that I have a new quilt in the pile,
 I'm just waiting for the perfect day to take some pics
this might take some time....

*it's oh so quiet- Bjork


  1. They are all beautiful. So glad you couldn't include the ruckus of the work men in that peaceful post.

    Did I spy a hexi quilt in there...on that was pieced together by a lady with her legs crossed?

  2. Hey oh! Sounds like there are EXCITING projects underway :-D

  3. I'd love to know what your plans are. xxxxx

  4. Oh what's happening over in Clare's garden? Do we get to see? You wouldn't want to move in over here we are trying to decorate!
    Lisa x

  5. Clare-y, clare-y quite contrary...oh how your quilt pile grows!

  6. Lovely photos! Looking forward to seeing the new quilt in all its glory!

  7. that's funny, we've got the backyard torn up, working on a patio too! although it's progress is slow... but steady! loving the quilt pile.


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