Friday 31 May 2013

have a little patience

Gardening is a waiting game
and boy have we waited this year.
The current plant that has me pacing
is the iris in the first picture.
This is my first foray into bearded iris's
The one pictured is supposed to be
Iris Germanica ~ pale blue
somehow I think I have something different.
Wanna sit it out with me?

My heart flutters when favourite gardeners say selfsown on television x
forgot to tell you that I have bought two new roses
a lilac climber called veilchenblau
and an old shrub rose called rosa mundi

*geranium ballerina
rosa souvenir du docteur jamain
aquilegia selfsown

Thursday 23 May 2013

quilting by numbers

Normal service is resumed!!
My computer that is..not my quilting
that's never normal.
This mini has been living on my lounge floor for a week or two.
Only stitching an hour at a time,
as my shoulder allows.
(rep strain injury)
(epp strain injury!)
I am not actually quilting by numbers
they were a safety net 
before I cut up all those triangles.
As I'm nearing the end
thoughts turn to quilting etc
 Whilst we're on the subject of numbers
my pal Jessica Life under Quilts
has written a sublime book on epp.
It's all about the top of page 48 for me!
More on that later...

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Bloggers quilt festival

 I thought I'd like to take part in Amys quilt festival
so I've decided to enter my dappled days
flowering snowball quilt
into the two colour catagory
found here
 This is an English paper pieced quilt
which I appliqued onto the polka dot backing
and learnt how to free motion quilt for the first time.
 The main grey fabrics are from sweetwater 
and the backing was an old sheet.
 I would say it's almost a double quilt
though we have used it this winter on our kingsize bed.
 I had considered hand stitching with perle
but wanted to attempt some fmq...
I may well add to it one day
but for now I'm just enjoying the subtleties of  the restricted palette.

Thursday 16 May 2013


With my ongoing computer woes
I'm finding less is more.
Without the help of my usual whistles and bells to hand
I'm sharing my snaps 'ala originale'
like a celeb with no make up.
I kinda quite like the quirky aspects,
I do generally find the first photo is the one I go with anyway.
Some of you have asked what I have been up to..
well I have finished hand quilting my snowday quilt
and right now I'm piecing the love/hate painting mini
but as you can see it's all a bit disconnected
a bit like me!

Tuesday 14 May 2013

garden specials

 It may as well be April.
The garden is very much a shrub land right now
with the odd bulb giving a glimpse of spring...
 thank goodness for blossom.
I don't really buy magazines anymore,
but like the December issue
the May garden special has become a must.
I find Country Living a bit hit and miss
which is why if an issue disappoints
I can thumb through my old copies.

It may well be raining but with the spring we've had
I just want to be outside....

ps. I have the worst hayfever ever!

Friday 10 May 2013

when computers go wrong..

So..this year my computer has been slowly dying
I knew it was imminent
so I fortunately had my passwords uptodate...
It does however leave me a little lost.
Computers are a wonderful thing
until they break...

I am now upstairs trying to blog to you via the mans computer
it's all foreign
no photos
big clunky dusty keyboard
and a mouse!
I'm not sure how long this blackout will last
please bare (or is it bear?) with me...
If all else fails there is always facebook maybe?

I had not realised I was away for so long
apologies for the worry xxx