Thursday 16 May 2013


With my ongoing computer woes
I'm finding less is more.
Without the help of my usual whistles and bells to hand
I'm sharing my snaps 'ala originale'
like a celeb with no make up.
I kinda quite like the quirky aspects,
I do generally find the first photo is the one I go with anyway.
Some of you have asked what I have been up to..
well I have finished hand quilting my snowday quilt
and right now I'm piecing the love/hate painting mini
but as you can see it's all a bit disconnected
a bit like me!


  1. I like disconnected! I'm disconnected too, in lots of ways! Some of the best people I know are disconnected!!! :) x

  2. Great shots Clare! I love your green mirror!

  3. Is it so cold there? I wish I could wear some jacket and boots now. The Indian summer heat is killing me, and ACs making me fall sick all the time!
    But okay, crafting is there. I see you have come up with some pieces of your projects - interesting way of taking photos :)

  4. Great post, Clare! Disconnected sounds nice - well known here, too! I continue my 'Summer Wine' and it makes me think your beautiful hand quilted works! x Teje

  5. Clare....I want to exchange places with you. I love the cold air! And I love your wide plank floors. And your green mirror! Not to mention, you are naturally a beauty, Clare!

  6. LOL :-) I love this! I hope your painting mini is coming along well. Your curtains are so cheery!

  7. I like the photos and I am cheeky as I keep peeking behind you and looking at all the interesting bits of your house. I like your style, what can I say!


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