Thursday 24 July 2014

a gaggle of geese

A little ditty to show you my workings!

*to make this I used

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Monday 21 July 2014

and the birthday beat goes on...

 If this is what its like to turn forty I cant wait to be fifty!!
My celebrations are at an end (for now)
I've been away and seen wonderful things...
but first I must share with you the lovely gifts from 
my dear friend Mary
I often feel like Im skirting round the edge of the quilting community
Mary has a way of reeling me in when I'm about to slip away.
 Any way here are just some of the treats she sent me...
needless to say those sweets did not last long!!
 turquoise pompom
 diagonal stripe binding
 Perfect in everyway!!
Thank you Mary


Wednesday 9 July 2014

Friday 4 July 2014

the post with many names

 Wow what a week
not only did I turn 40 
I managed to get Audreys giveaway gift to her
and also receive a surprise present of my own!
 I've only known Audrey a few months
she blogs at Quiltyfolk
and I have to say I admire her work immensely.
Its always challenging when picking someone to make a gift for
and then realising just how talented said person is!!
Like a little puppy hanging off the tail of a great dane!
I know Audrey wont mind being described in that way
because I think shes a bit silly, like me,
which is why I went out on a limb and called her mini
Audreys kookoo quilt,
purposefully leaving out an apostrophe for ambiguity.
 Audrey is a traditional quilter who is currently evolving towards a modern slant,
which I love to see, so I tried to give her a mix.
The centre octagon was appliqued on to calm the trippy effect of those stripes
I think I managed to get both our personalities in this quilt,
the plaid binding was definitely an Audrey touch.
Another little one adopted out,
I think I should have a reunion one day with all my
minis that have flown the nest!
 The very same day that I was shipping Audreys gift
I had a lovely surprise gift from my pal Susan at Patchwork and Play
all the way from Australia in a matter of days!
 This perfectly beautiful LIBERTY union jack cushion cover
made by Susan is a wonderful addition to my home.
I love it thankyou so much Susan!!!!!!
ps. sorry I didnt wait for my birthday before opening my parcel
but come on would you wait??
This was a post of many names
Celebration week
Giving and receiving
Spreading love
What goes around comes around
July 4th
Over the hill?
Or maybe my life truly beginning.
I'll let you decide