Monday 29 October 2012

the little things..

After a summer of rain and workmen,
I am finding joy in the simplest of things.
Over-thinking can often complicate matters,
my new mantra is K.I.S.S.
That means 'keep it simple stupid'
not 'god gave rock and roll to you'
(though it is a choice song)

With that said
I am still on a no spend kinda year.
 Finding joy in the form of new nail polish
is enough to make my heart sing these days.

Clothing purchased in 2012
one pair of black jeans and two jazzy vest tops
(birthday treats)
Shoes zero.

nail polish turquoise lagoon Maybelline
vintage striped jumper (at least five years old) Primark
pebble heart balance various Cornish beaches (now living in Ohio)
joy hearts fabric courtesy of Mary (also living in Ohio)

Thursday 18 October 2012

the sunny side

The ground may be sodden with a months worth of rain,
but I do believe that it is warmer outside than in today. 
I must remember to take strolls in between the sewing marathons.
The light levels are so much kinder at this time of year.
It's so important to me to have a beautiful garden whatever the season.
Foliage was my first love when I began gardening,
and still is..just.
 One can never have too much verbena bonariensis!

Favourite foliage plants:
All time fav cotinus flame
choisya ternata
acer katsura 
catalpa bignoides
 cercidiphyllum japonicum

Thursday 11 October 2012

sew and tell..

 With the seasons rolling on the C word gets ever closer.
You may remember me selling my wares last year in 
Rosie Lea tea rooms in Brockenhurst.
So why the sew and tell?
Whilst hunting down venues to sell my wares this year,
I discovered that there is to be a Christmas Fair
held at New Park Brockenhurst
(where they sell Christmas trees)
December 8th&9th.
So today I have the organiser of said fair 
popping round to chat all things crafty.
 I've been hastily gathering anything I can find.
I made these pin cushions in spring with the aim of 
selling in summer!!

I also have a table full of Christmas decorations,
but you'll have to's too early!

ps. I am not selling my handsewn quilts, no way!
Just showing.
pps. buy handmade
 not mass produced rubbish pretending to be handmade!!

Tuesday 9 October 2012

what no patchwork?

I know it's not necessary to make apologies when blogging...
But for those of you who have recently joined me,
expecting a wonderful quilting blog,
well I'm afraid it's all work and no play just now.
Okay so I am playing with felt
but it is with the hope of attending Christmas fairs
to sell my wares.
This is our new extension,
for those of you who remember the big doorway
used to be a lovely, but draughty,
period window.
I am whitewashing everything for now...

ps. yep I got back!

Thursday 4 October 2012

really random thursday

There are things that I do,
 like saving bees and making brick paths.
I'm going to start sharing more of these every thursday.
This week therefore I'm linking up with Cindy at
and her really random thursdays.
Todays random post features 
collecting sweet pea seeds to save for next year.
I always leave a handful of pods to dry out
and take great delight in popping them open
and then scrabbling about on the floor
to find the high flying escapees!

Monday 1 October 2012

sunday doings..

Setting goals that can be accomplished in a day are so rewarding.
These old bricks were salvaged from the house,
so we spent Sunday morning chipping off the old mortar,
great fun!
Love using salvage, love my selfsewn path and love this time of year!