Thursday 4 October 2012

really random thursday

There are things that I do,
 like saving bees and making brick paths.
I'm going to start sharing more of these every thursday.
This week therefore I'm linking up with Cindy at
and her really random thursdays.
Todays random post features 
collecting sweet pea seeds to save for next year.
I always leave a handful of pods to dry out
and take great delight in popping them open
and then scrabbling about on the floor
to find the high flying escapees!


  1. Not one sweetpeas this year :( slugs ate them all! Good idea though! Hopefully next year......Ada :)

  2. I have been doing the same - the pods are finishing drying in the conservatory and every few days I've been popping them - should be a good crop of flowers next year :)

  3. I love sweetpeas! I have tried to grow them, but they usually just get scorched in my garden. Will your sweetpeas reseed if you just leave the pods in the garden? I used to love finding moss rose the following summer popping up in unexpected places!

  4. I love sweet peas too! I wish I had some success growing them (oh, just like Mary!) My mum always said that it took a good gardener to grow sweetpeas! She never had any luck either! You must get a photo of them in the Spring!

  5. Sweetpeas are my favorite. I just can't get them to grow...


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