Monday 29 October 2012

the little things..

After a summer of rain and workmen,
I am finding joy in the simplest of things.
Over-thinking can often complicate matters,
my new mantra is K.I.S.S.
That means 'keep it simple stupid'
not 'god gave rock and roll to you'
(though it is a choice song)

With that said
I am still on a no spend kinda year.
 Finding joy in the form of new nail polish
is enough to make my heart sing these days.

Clothing purchased in 2012
one pair of black jeans and two jazzy vest tops
(birthday treats)
Shoes zero.

nail polish turquoise lagoon Maybelline
vintage striped jumper (at least five years old) Primark
pebble heart balance various Cornish beaches (now living in Ohio)
joy hearts fabric courtesy of Mary (also living in Ohio)


  1. Yes I use that mantra too!
    Jule xxxxxxxx

  2. I'm on no spend too! It's hard, but I'm doing it! Ada :)

  3. That jumper still looks fab! I am (still) on a mass declutter (ebaying like crazy) and not spending either - Its a great feeling.

  4. Such sweet little hearts!
    Karen x

  5. Great nail polish and jumper!

  6. Love the nail polish and those cute little hearts :)

  7. LOve that polish! Keeping it simple is a great idea, but you are definitely not stupid. Look at the great things you make! I guess I will have to send more fabric if you are having a no spend kind of year:)

  8. Oh I agree simple is awesome! love the nail polish I have some glitter waiting to be used and will get round to it eventually!

  9. Beautiful. My mantra is 'God gave rock and roll to you' - even my kids know it now ;) Best song for getting me into a good mood :)

  10. hello love the little grey joy hearts! pleased to meet you and follow. Heather x


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