Friday 2 November 2012

friday finish

Please help!
I am having issues with my emails ending up as spam in your inbox.
How do I change my email from my current one back to my hotmail account.
Been searching but know luck??


  1. Very cute! Great mix of fabrics!

  2. love the ring of hexies! sorry I can't help with the e-mail problem :( I hope you can find a solution soon, with minimal hair-pulling

  3. Sorry I'm rubbish at anything technical, do love your hexies though, hope you get it sorted soon! :)

  4. Love what you made, but I have no idea about the email thing! How annoying... Have you tried contacting blogger IT people?

  5. try google! I always type in my full question and come up with many answers. Good luck!

  6. Is it because of the "ymail" address. I'm not sure that one is really recognized by most of the email providers. I usually have trouble receiving hotmail also, but haven't had any issues with gmail.

  7. I love you hexies! I have hotmail and a 1/4 of my important emails and blog comments have been ending up in my spam, too. Even the replies I write on my blog end up in my spam. I have tried to fix it and can't figure it out. Good luck!!


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