Friday 30 November 2012

cold snap

Is it arm warmer* weather?
Today yes!
(unless you live in the southern hemisphere!)
I'm linking up with Rachel 
at stitched in color with this cold snap post.
two reasons 
one. the inspiration for her quilting bee was my summer of love quilt.
Go take a look it's going to be beautiful.
two. the inspiration for her colour palette included a fashion shot
with the very same arm warmers!
My chunky crochet blanket is nearing completion,
I'm thinking of edging in different colours....
and I happen to have some chunky yarn that matches the arm warmers..?
Right I'm off, 
I need to find some toe warmers.

ps. sorry about the old orange jumper,
it's like my comfort blanket!

*arm warmers Christmas present from 2011


  1. Love the arm warmers! Probably a bit hot here for those at the moment though! ;-))

  2. I've been wearing my arm warmers but I call them my Scrooge Mitts ;o)

  3. I had my Primark arm warmers on today!
    Lisa x

  4. Oh, girl, I didn't see this until now! And, you can't apologize for the jumper cause it matches those warmers so well. I like the idea of different color edging =)


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