Tuesday 20 November 2012

home stylin'

 Hey...just a brief glimpse today.
I think I may have just finished painting..
The kitchen colour is overtly olive by dulux.
I love where the white inner wall meets the green.
*library photo..no sun today!
Between the diying, I've been doing a little crochet..
after all when the Christmas country living mag is out,
it's surely time to use up last years gifts, ie the wool*
*big softie by sirdar~shade egg.


  1. Love that super sized crochet hook with the chunky yarn. Also loving the olive shade you chose for your kitchen.

  2. Love the overtly olive by Dulux! I have that yarn in store (well in the loft now) and was not sure what to do with it... will be watching your progress!

  3. It's looking good, you're at the exciting bit, all the mess out the way, now you can just be creative! :)

  4. Beautiful Clare! You make me want to paint!

  5. Just catching up on your posts - sorry havent been over in an age! Love the green, its all looking lovely.
    Gill xx


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