Monday 26 November 2012

home styling, interior designing or making a house a home?

  Whatever you wish to call is the best bit right?
Time to re-purpose all those 'finds' that have been squirrelled away..
and there are many for I have been a squirrel for decades!
Remember these fabric finds?
The one on the right is a vintage fothergay 'anemone' piece,
alas I only have enough to make one curtain or two curtains with added fabric?
The piece on the left is an old patchwork quilt.
Both were were £5 and both from charity shops.
How do we feel on mismatched curtains?
This arts and crafts stool purchased at the Shepton Mallet fair,
has been crying out for some love for a long time.
 When you have an extension built
it doesnt leave you with much in the way of folding money,
so being inventive with squirrel finds is all the more rewarding.
Cheap shelves from B&Q painted in satinwood.
 Not all objects are easy to re-home however..
this lovely convex mirror belongs to my husband,
bought 20 years ago from a carboot!!
I have so far struggled to find it's place..
but watch this space I have an idea.
Anyone want to rummage in my loft,
I know there are many more nuts to find!


  1. Oh you are so right!! I love repurposing and being a bit inventive with the things I find or have already collected! I love an eclectic mix - and loving the fabrics - it makes your home unique! J9 x

  2. All looks so pretty! I would go with making a house a home :)

  3. You are getting the mix just right! It's looking good......:)

  4. I'm coming for a rummage. Just give me sat nav coordinates please. I love the pieces you have shown!

  5. Ooh yes, that's definitely the best bit. I love both the quilt and the fabric but if you asked for my opinion, I couldn't cope with having mis-matched curtains, maybe that's my OCD! It all looks lovely and light. We have kitchen shelves just like yours. May I compliment you on your great taste, he he.
    Hen x

  6. I am coming! We have been finding many things at my in-laws' - bit by bit emptying their loft! I am now on the hunt for a stool and an ottoman at the moment.

  7. Rummage is my middle name! I love finding old pieces and giving them lots of love. I purchased a box full of small, blue bubble plates and brought them out for Thanksgiving. Everyone thought I had been shopping at Anthro! So much more thrifty than Anthro but equally as cute! Looks great, clare!

  8. I love the bowl in your first photo! It seems to match your curtain fabric!

  9. hmmm I am loving the curtains... mismatched is fine with me but it'd be too much for my hubby. I do have a bit of a thing for patchwork curtains with the way the light shines through like a piece of stained glass... just beautiful. And those curtains were only 5 pounds each? Total bargain!
    Jo x

  10. I think that all reflects you and your taste, just as a home should. Its all looking pretty fabulous - you have great taste. xxxxx

  11. I like your mismatched curtains. Both of them are so lovely, on their own, and together it's a very eclectic look. Fun. And if your loft is anything like ours, I'd say there's plenty of treasure waiting to be found. :)

  12. That patchwork quilt-top curtain is so inspiring!! I have a vintage quilt top that I scored for just $15 a while ago, that I had thought I'd finish, but I LOVE this curtain idea!! These type of up-cycling projects are my very favorites!!


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