Friday 23 November 2012

black friday

We don't really 'do' black Friday* here in the UK
though it's catching on.
Anyway I thought I would link the day with my recent makes,
which contain black.
These beauties are for my friends kids
 whom I've been making silly Christmas gifts
for a few years now.
Their tastes are on the Gothic side,
so I went for black yarn,
which I rather like,
even if it makes my eyes turn spirals like the fellow below.
Remember last years makes?
*black friday falls the day after thanksgiving.
It denotes the beginning of the Christmas holiday shopping season,
where many shops have huge promotional deals.
The 'black' name relates to businesses
recording their losses in red ink
and their gains in black.


  1. Thanks for the explanation - I was wondering!

    Looks like you are getting ready for Christmas then!

  2. I didn't know why it was Black Friday either...thanks!

    Lovely garlands - the black makes those colours pop.

  3. Love your garlands! Those skulls are awesome too.
    I didn't know why it was black either, so thanks for explaining!

  4. Well I am enjoying YOUR black friday much more than being out in the crowds shopping!

  5. The stars look fab hanging on your mantle!

  6. love your swag! I worked black friday and, yes, it is powerful!


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