1. I'm still amazed by the diversity, you achieve with such simple shapes. I've always tended to think of hexagon quilts as "old fashioned" your combinations of fabrics are anything but old fashioned! I came in to check on the give away, but guess I'll need to check back again later. Congrats to the winner, who most likely won't be me. But I've won a new interest and respect for hexagons and their sub parts. For that I thank, you! Jo

  2. Just found your blog and page via Sew Eeks your quilts are truly stunning... I have made quite a few but none as beautiful as yours just basic ones .... I am now inspired to do some more and maybe try and make them more interesting to.... Beautiful x

  3. I have just found your blog and really love what you do. Very inspirational. :-)

  4. You have a way with big shapes which intrigues me - your work is inspirational! So happy to have found your blog.


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