Monday 8 September 2014

Celebration, firecracker or magic carpet?

 Wow its been awhile since I've shared any progress of this project.
Another quilt made entirely from scraps,
this time I'm using heavy duty fabrics.
 I had been putting off making the corners of this quilt,
but I've done it, no biggie!
 As I mentioned this quilt is entirely made with remnants,
so I stumbled for a while trying to find the last piece.
I tried the floral above, but found it lacking the punch.
 So I stuck with a solid heavy canvas
which adds more strength!
I still have some way to go...
as they say...'Rome wasn't built in a day'!
And so to the name?
It began as a celebration quilt but then my pal Mary 
said that my birthday in July made me a lil firecracker....
..but now I think it looks like a magic carpet!!

Tuesday 2 September 2014

economy block reveal

 Yay a quilt reveal!
This is my economyblock quilt.
There are many others like it,
but this one is mine....
..more details below.


 I began making this quilt to join in with the whole economyblock along,
having failed to join in with the trip around the world quilt along.
I thought it would be a good way to eat up my scraps,
so this quilt give or take a few sweet fabrics
is entirely made from old fabrics or remnants.
I really wasn't too fussed on fabric selections,
I just made sure I chose ones with a good tonal balance.
I was loving it so much that I decided to make it Kingsize for our bed.
Throwing the rule book out really opened my mind
and made the whole process such fun.
In my head I could see black quilting,
so that's what I went for.
I hand quilted using a perle 8 cotton,
I was a little worried about how the stitches would look
on the vintage sheet backing,
but when they are 'en masse' they don't seem so harsh,
still horribly uneven, but I'm living with that.
Each block measures 7.5 inches
and there are 90 in total!!
I went with a solid binding in Ron burgundy,
so as not to compete
but also it's what I had.
I used Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 wadding
which makes quite a light quilt.
and finally...
I've named this quilt Pearl Jam
after my favourite band.
I finally got to see them live this year after twenty years.
I hope this quilt keeps bringing back the memories of 
the best gig ever and to celebrate a wonderful year x

ps. thanks to my fabric donators,
you know who you are xx