Monday 8 September 2014

Celebration, firecracker or magic carpet?

 Wow its been awhile since I've shared any progress of this project.
Another quilt made entirely from scraps,
this time I'm using heavy duty fabrics.
 I had been putting off making the corners of this quilt,
but I've done it, no biggie!
 As I mentioned this quilt is entirely made with remnants,
so I stumbled for a while trying to find the last piece.
I tried the floral above, but found it lacking the punch.
 So I stuck with a solid heavy canvas
which adds more strength!
I still have some way to go...
as they say...'Rome wasn't built in a day'!
And so to the name?
It began as a celebration quilt but then my pal Mary 
said that my birthday in July made me a lil firecracker....
..but now I think it looks like a magic carpet!!


  1. Your quilt is looking gorgeous! Every time I see this quilt I am eagerly looking to see what more you have done with it. LOVE it!:)

  2. Rome wasn't built in a day, but oh was it beautiful when it was finished, and your quilt will be, too.
    I love it, so vibrant and cheerful.
    Amazing job!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. As one July birthday celebrator to another, Firecracker gets my vote! Take care,

  4. It does look great on the floor. Maybe magic carpet is more suitable.

  5. lots of hand stitching going on here, magic carpet sounds a great name for it, wonder where it will whisk you off to

  6. An amazing magic carpet! I want to know how you figured out the corners! Love the process...and the end result! It's wonderful, Clare!

  7. Wow! That is dramatic--I really love it! I also love that wall/window/door into the garden. Is it glass or does the whole wall slide or swing open?

  8. Oh, it's going to be so gorgeous! love how you're working with those colors. Since it's made of heavy fabrics, maybe it really could be a rug, if you'd like?

  9. I want to pick up the quilt top and walk on out into the garden.

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