Thursday 31 October 2013

bloggers quilt festival

 It's a quilt reveal...but not the one you were expecting right?
Remember back in spring
when everything went a bit experimental.
I painted a picture for the first Le Challenge
and then I thought I could make a quilt.
Well she's hot of the press
just in time for the festival.
 As per usual I English paper pieced it,
it's a fun way to quilt
I just cant imagine machining this quilt this accurately.
I have named this mini 
quilting by numbers
as I really did number all the triangles.
*forgive the bad!

I love how it matches my summer of love quilt.
*in fact come to think of it I may have used it as an inspiration....duh!!
 I also love the pale pink on turquoise combo, 
especially with a dark border.
 I'm entering this in the wall hanging category.
There are plenty more beauties to feast your eyes on
 so go take a look!

Monday 28 October 2013

creator, stylist, model, photographer, editor, blogger.

Taking advantage of the sunlight is a must at this time of year,
even mid-storm!
This photo shoot was to share my chunky crochet scarf I made yesterday
whilst we braced ourselves for the storm.
After reading Nats post on David Butlers free lecture on photography
I popped over to craftsy and had a watch.
Admittedly I'm only half way through the lecture
because I got fed up with the buffering!
However I found it really inspirational
and agree with a lot of what he said.
I am not a model I don't have a posh camera 
but I did have the light....
ps. plus I do take lots of photos
 and I edit most of them

* thankfully we survived the storm 
and all my beloved trees are still in the ground x
** scarf is made with Cygnet Seriously chunky
and is crocheted with a 9mm hook
half treble UK
half double US
*** wishing I'd put a belt on!
**** one of my wellies has sprung a leak
this post was written with one bare foot x

Friday 25 October 2013

short n sweet

I'm at that stage where my piece of handmade fabric turns into a quilt.
Four fabrics were auditioned for the part as binding
I almost went with a pink
but in the back of my mind I was always thinking 
Joel Dewberry herringbone fabric is my all time favourite fabric
it is the perfect binder
when you join it together the seams become!

Thursday 24 October 2013

stitch tease

I am quilting what is probably my best and most favourite quilt so far!
When it comes to quilting I tend to get really stuck,
I just never know how to do whats best
for the good of the fabric.
That was a terrible sentence but I'll leave it in.
So I have plumped for a mix of machine and hand quilting.
When I hand quilt I usually use my trusty
water soluble pen to draw on the pattern,
but on finding said pen to be dried up
I have resorted to masking tape.
Thats all folks....

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Friday 18 October 2013

shine bright like a diamond

 Sixty four tiny epp diamonds sewn together ~ check (insert big tick)
Hmm this is 'beginning to look a lot like........'
I think this might be turning into a festive gift!

Monday 14 October 2013

mr mojo risin*

There seems to be quite a number of missing mojos.
Thankfully I found mine last week,
it was hidden amongst a mess of fabric!
My mojo block can be found in the 
I'm paper piecing by hand...
but of course!

Taking a break from blog reading is a great help
but then so is making something for someone special.....

* Did you know that Mr Mojo Risin
is an anagram of Jim Morrison?

Thursday 10 October 2013

creative corner

I have managed to clear a corner,
found my mojo
and started something new!


* only 4 wip
** pickledish quilt by MollyFlanders

Friday 4 October 2013

working my way back to you babe

 2013 has been a fairly uneventful year so far
thats if you compare it to last year.
We had the olympics and an extension 
and alot of rain...
I've had a very mopey year..
despite the sunshine.
Last week we finally got rid of an old sofa that was
used as a dumping ground cluttering up my craft room.
So I've cracked open the door
and intend to make a space that inspires me.
I know you've seen it before
it never gets any easier...
I am not a virgo!

I think I might have four wip to finish....not bad.