Monday, 28 October 2013

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Taking advantage of the sunlight is a must at this time of year,
even mid-storm!
This photo shoot was to share my chunky crochet scarf I made yesterday
whilst we braced ourselves for the storm.
After reading Nats post on David Butlers free lecture on photography
I popped over to craftsy and had a watch.
Admittedly I'm only half way through the lecture
because I got fed up with the buffering!
However I found it really inspirational
and agree with a lot of what he said.
I am not a model I don't have a posh camera 
but I did have the light....
ps. plus I do take lots of photos
 and I edit most of them

* thankfully we survived the storm 
and all my beloved trees are still in the ground x
** scarf is made with Cygnet Seriously chunky
and is crocheted with a 9mm hook
half treble UK
half double US
*** wishing I'd put a belt on!
**** one of my wellies has sprung a leak
this post was written with one bare foot x


  1. Oooooh I love that scarf! I think you take a great photo! :) x

  2. Well done you. WIth one bare foot in the storm... I mean, you certainly choose challenge in case you didn't already have one. Ha ha ha! Have to check out this lecture. I would loooove to know more about photography. Lovely scarf. My pants also fall down. My wellies have no holes. I do tend to slip on my arse though when I enter the muddy slippery floor at the laundry room entrance.

  3. Greast post Clare! I love all your photos and now I need to crochet a scarf! x Teje

  4. What a cool post! I heard that lecture in person. Very inspiring for sure!

  5. Love the colours in your scarf- very autumnal! And your photos are always great! Now it's time to buy a new pair of wellies! Glad to hear the garden survived the storm- it must have been scary!

  6. Nice self pictures taken b yourself :) I like the scarf you made!

  7. Well, of course you are a model...duh! Great pictures....I need to check out the class. And fabulous scarf!

  8. You are multi-talented! And I love the scarf too.

  9. You are so talented! Love the new scarf. Will book mark it and have a look at that lecture.
    Lisa x

  10. I love this post! You are an awesome model. I'll check out that lecture.


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