Thursday 10 October 2013

creative corner

I have managed to clear a corner,
found my mojo
and started something new!


* only 4 wip
** pickledish quilt by MollyFlanders


  1. Your corner looks gorgeous! Lots of inspiration from the gallery and your completed quilts - a lovely place to create and drink coffee!


  2. Now that looks like a very creative corner, I will look on with interest! :) x

  3. Ah that's where MY mojo went! When you've finished with it could you send it back to me! Lovely photos Clare!

  4. your sewing corner looks delightful! and I just love your quilt hanging, soo pretty. xo

  5. What a fantastic corner to be creative, Your quilt hanging looks stunning my eyes were immediately drawn to it.
    Sarah x

  6. Gorgeous sewing corner for more of your fabulous creating. Love how you have much loved items there to inspire you.

  7. Maybe when I get my sewing area sorted my mojo will return too? What an interesting selection of fabrics.

  8. Such a bright and inspiring space :)

  9. A lovely little corner just for you........
    I have half the kitchen sewing room is back in Victoria and I really miss the space.
    And I have that book the quilts in it !

  10. Ohhhhhhhh! I can't wait to see your something new! Any hints on what it might be? Pleeeeeaaaasssseee!

  11. wauw what a difference! It just inpired me through the monitor! And love your wall decoration- its not like whats all over the danish blog walls :-) NICE!

  12. Cute corner and so tidy! Bound to make you extra creative - waiting to see something new!

  13. Your creative corner is perfect. Not only do I love your quilts but I love that you've incorporated family photos.

  14. That Country Quilts book is my all time favourite, and the very first book I bought on quilting way back when!
    You have a lovely creative corner there.
    Gill xx


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