Monday 14 October 2013

mr mojo risin*

There seems to be quite a number of missing mojos.
Thankfully I found mine last week,
it was hidden amongst a mess of fabric!
My mojo block can be found in the 
I'm paper piecing by hand...
but of course!

Taking a break from blog reading is a great help
but then so is making something for someone special.....

* Did you know that Mr Mojo Risin
is an anagram of Jim Morrison?


  1. Lordy! An amazing block! You have such a gift Clare...choosing just the right block and just the right fabrics! Glad you found that mojo!

  2. Love the glamour garden shots. Also love the block so much I might have to copy it sometime soon.

  3. Beautiful block! And I love the anagram.......never would have guessed!

  4. Lovely, lovely! I'm thinking paper piercing is the way for me to go, I'm really not great with a sewing machine, that would mean hand quilting too.....yikes! :) x

  5. I DID know that was an anagram for Jim Morrison...but only because I learned it while watching the Banger Goldie Hawn! Your EPP's are always inspirational and the reason that I have no less than 3 different EPP projects going at the same time!

    1. The movie I was referring to in the original comment was the Banger Sisters with Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon...thought I'd better clarify, the way it reads, sounds kind of naughty!!!

  6. lovely block! I remember when I first learned of the Jim Morrison thing. I was about 17 listening to LA Woman and my then best friend (now my SIL) told me it was an anagram. I don't know if it was because I was so young or just easily amused but I thought that was just about the coolest thing.

  7. You save your mojo for the best blocks Clare! Look at how those stripes are moving nicely around the star too! And how clever of you for working out that anagram! I love word puzzles!

  8. Lovely block! Your blocks always look so incredibly precise and neat!
    Lots to catch up with here......
    Gill xx

  9. What a beautiful of my favourites, and in such lovely fabrics. What size is it because it looks quite big, just what I love, nice big blocks in pretty colours,


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