Saturday 30 March 2013

feeling zesty and nesty.

 Yep it's still cold...
best get on with living,
feels like we could wait a lifetime for spring this year.
We always seem to be drawn to dogs on beaches...
I could be falling in love with an idea...
This is what the south of England looks like today
from Hengistbury Head.
This is our third walk in as many days
 in an effort to keep fit and keep eating cake,
I'm keeping track on my calorie deficit.
 5 hot cross buns versus 3 far.
So that was the zesty here's the nesty bit.
Nope no nests with eggs in here.
We have a nest of tables!
How very sophisticated of us.
With that stunningly tenuous word linkage
I shall wish you all a Happy Easter!

*table details to follow....I didnt paint them.

Thursday 28 March 2013

make something

 This week I made a little something from the discarded scraps of my latest make.
An exercise in improv and a scissor rest in one.
 As you know I have been trying to take a break from traditional quilting,
(a lot harder than you would think)
well the penny dropped a number of times.
I think my word of the year should have been freedom.
I can highly recommend this little project
for anyone interested in improv.
I'm not entirely happy with the stitching colours,
as I'm not generally a matchy matchy quilter,
I actually have a hard time deciding on the quilting.
Practise makes perfect.....
there was a bright thing shining in the sky this morning
can anyone tell me what it was?

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Monday 25 March 2013

something old something new...

something wonky something blue!
A quilt top in a week?
That's a first for me.
I dashed outside because the sun came out...
but then it went in again!
You cannot see the vibrancy but then again you cannot see the wonkyness either.
And I know you are shouting what wonkyness?
my point exactly.
As a stubborn 'indie' quilter
I learn by my mistakes 
so I can pass them onto you.
My lessons that is
not my mistakes!
The wonk is subtle,
created by me sewing my rows in one direction.
It does make squaring up a challenge,
a bit like levelling a table
a bit off this side~ a bit off that side!!
I suppose everyone has their way,
if like me you have tendency to lean one way
(even with a 1/4'' foot)
this tiny lean can gradually increase with every row.
So...if you are having a go at this style
alternate your direction.
Pinning your seams may also help hold the fabric straight...
but there's no fun to be had playing with pins!

anyone else crushing on Justin Timberlakes latest tune?

spell checker thinks wonkyness should be kinkiness or windiness
both awesome words but I'll stick with wonkyness thanks x

Saturday 23 March 2013

something old something new

old quilt top

hello weekenders.
As there was so much interest in my latest endeavour
thought I should share my progress.
Thursday my machine and I had a sew in.
We managed to sew 29 rows in all!
Alas not finished yet 
time to get cutting and piecing.
My strips are 2 inches (before sewing)
if anyone is interested...

Wednesday 20 March 2013

something old something new

 something borrowed something blue*

When I make something 
I am either chaotically random with my choices
have a rough plan.
In an effort to break free from tradition
I am going back to basics,
probably a bit backward,
but I'm someone who came out the womb hand first.
(sorry Mum)
All I had to do that day
 was to be born
and I couldn't do that without 
mixing it up!
imbecile individual from the get go!
Back to the stack.
Nothing special
it's not what you got...but what you do with it!
Although it does look chaotically random
I do have a rough plan,
which may involve stripping.
wink wink

*I'm already married
The title just
sound apt.

Tuesday 19 March 2013

blog loving

If like me it's another day spent looking out the window,
then what better way of spending a good number of hours few moments
then a bit of blog loving.
Already read your favourite blogs?
How about some fresh reading?
These are my recent finds in the blogosphere..

I'd love for you to pop over and maybe add them to your 
bloglovin feed.
I know some of you already follow me there
but if you dont you can follow me by clicking here
Of course there is no obligation to use bloglovin,
you will still be able to read my blog directly or via another feed.
 But it seems that with the google friend connect closure imminent
there seems to be a bloglovin migration going on.

Saturday 16 March 2013


..good things
and remembering to take a photo of 
the mother and child...
before they are separated.
Happy world wide quilting day!

Friday 15 March 2013

it's a mini adventure

Time for another one?

I'm linking to a new idea from 
Make something crafty every month
inspired by their chosen theme.
This months theme is Geometric!
You have one month to get crafting!
Today is the first challenge..
did I mention there are prizes?

Tuesday 12 March 2013

hand embroidered quilt label tutorial

You must label your quilts!
Imagine someone from the future
discovering who made their antique quilt.
So what better way then
to help you out 
with a tutorial.
I love making my quilt labels,
it's like signing a painting.
So with that said 
I'm cracking on with labelling up 
my french window mini that I made last year.
When I make my labels I make paper templates
much like English paper piecing.
I try to make my labels with a colours or a shapes that
tie in with the quilt.
You can of course keep it simple with a rectangle.
You will need:
A water soluble pen
A template
Some paper
Some coordinating threads
Some fabric
Your computer.
 Okay so here's my magic ingredient!
This is the secret to my tidy labels.
You need to load a blank photo onto picmonkey
(I took a photo of a piece of paper and whacked up the brightness to achieve a blank canvas)
(If any one knows a better way please let me know)
Once this has been done you need 
to click on the text button,
choose your font (the free ones)
and type out your label
and make it the correct size.
I have chosen a more twirly font than I normally use
as I wanted to add a little
je ne sais pas!
 Using your water soluble pen,
draw around your cotton label template.
(and leave a good seam allowance)
Find the centre with which you can use to
 line up your words. 
You should be able to see the letters through the cotton
you may need to brighten your screen
or tilt your laptop for a better view.
 Very gently trace the letters with your water soluble pen.
I do not advocate using any other type of marker for this part.
(please use common sense, I hold no responsibility for ruined screens!)
If in doubt why not print out your label onto paper
and stick it to a window
(to make a lightbox effect)
and trace the words like you did as a kid!
If you are using stranded thread,
split it into two, so you have a three strand thread,
which is less bulky.
I have chosen navy to match in with the quilt.
 Once you have sewn your labels 
emerse them in water, 
allow to dry,
give them a gentle press
and tack them to paper templates.
I made a two piece label
to emphasise the quilt pattern.
Press again to form a crisp edge 
with which to applique,
then remove the paper templates.
Pin your label in your chosen position.
(I like to line them up with quilting stitches where possible)
With matching thread attach your label
with an applique stitch,
or how you would hand stitch your binding.
 And here it is!
You could choose to outline the edge with 
some stitches in a contrasting thread
for added pizazz!
Truth be told I wish I'd 
made the selfsewn a different colour,
but I have at least labelled this quilt for prosperity!
Some might say this is an unnecessary embellishment,
probably true...but I enjoy this method.
Why go to all the hard work of  sewing a quilt
and not take pride making a pretty label?
Clare x

Friday 8 March 2013

winner winner

Congratulations Kris@Duke says sew what!
You are my winner! 
I cannot think of a better home for a little love to live.
Thankyou to every one who entered
I really have loved getting to know you all.

Kris email me your details and a little love will be on it's way to You 'n' Duke x

Wednesday 6 March 2013

giveaway reveal

 Spring was in the air was the love!

 Hopefully yesterdays sun was a glimpse of the year ahead.
The skies are back to grey again today,
so bathe in the warmth of my blog.
A little love is an english paper pieced quilt
made mainly with recycled materials,
and measures 27 x 18 inches.
I have lightly machined and hand quilted,
finishing with candy stripe binding and a hand embroidered label.

If you havent already entered my giveaway
to win this mini quilt
click here.
 You have until Friday when the winner will be revealed. 

For future reference the above collage can be found in the 
quilt tab at the top of my blog
along with my other makes.
Clare xxx

Friday 1 March 2013

I just can't stop loving you.

Hello sweeties!
So it seems I have finished my first quilt (albeit mini) of 2013,
and am now I am wondering just where it will find a home?
I have enjoyed hopping into your worlds...all 75 of you!
I very much enjoy the contact with my followers
that a giveaway brings.
 Clare Van Gogh x