Thursday 28 March 2013

make something

 This week I made a little something from the discarded scraps of my latest make.
An exercise in improv and a scissor rest in one.
 As you know I have been trying to take a break from traditional quilting,
(a lot harder than you would think)
well the penny dropped a number of times.
I think my word of the year should have been freedom.
I can highly recommend this little project
for anyone interested in improv.
I'm not entirely happy with the stitching colours,
as I'm not generally a matchy matchy quilter,
I actually have a hard time deciding on the quilting.
Practise makes perfect.....
there was a bright thing shining in the sky this morning
can anyone tell me what it was?


  1. Is that shiney thing in the east or the west?

  2. cute and funny!
    I too saw the shiny thing, it hurts my eyes!!

  3. very sweet, Clare~
    I think the colors are very "you".
    thanks for the inspiration.

  4. 'Something out of nothing' - something very sweet! I love small patches and hand quilting and your text is the cherry on the cake! When I read your last post I just had my table full of the tiniest patches ... finished but didn't post yet. Unfortunately I had to quilt by machine to make it more firm. x Teje

  5. the sun - the unknown object for such a long time.
    I'm still curious how you sewed the strips quilt. Someday I want one for myself.

  6. That shining thing will become more familiar to you as we said goodbye to it yesterday! Love the little scissor mat! So YOU!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous discarded scrappy quilt. Freedom, it's a good word to have when crafting.
    Enjoy your Easter.
    Anne xx

  8. It is wonderful...your something. A perfect little piece of pick stitching! And about that thing shining in the was shining in my sky as well. Happy Spring, Clare!

  9. Always inspiring here.

    We have something shiny in the sky all the time. I long for days when clouds cover it up....

  10. I like your something very much, looks like a project size I could handle! have a good easter, Heather x

  11. Really nice. We had the same shinny thing, but it has now gone. Have you stolen it?

  12. I know i am hopelessly late, but wanted to chime in that this is beautiful. I think that, really, all the most beautiful fabricy creations are made from scraps. There's an extra layer of meaning that goes into them..


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