Tuesday 19 March 2013

blog loving

If like me it's another day spent looking out the window,
then what better way of spending a good number of hours few moments
then a bit of blog loving.
Already read your favourite blogs?
How about some fresh reading?
These are my recent finds in the blogosphere..

I'd love for you to pop over and maybe add them to your 
bloglovin feed.
I know some of you already follow me there
but if you dont you can follow me by clicking here
Of course there is no obligation to use bloglovin,
you will still be able to read my blog directly or via another feed.
 But it seems that with the google friend connect closure imminent
there seems to be a bloglovin migration going on.


  1. Looks like a nice view from your window. I am planning on do the switchover after Easter. Bloglovin' (stupid name though) seems to be the feeder of choice.

  2. Thanks for the mention Sweetie, I've tried to leave a comment on your Facebook but couldn't, is it just for invited people? :) x

  3. Tulips just promise Spring. Di x

  4. Yup, that's where I've been for a few days now! And where I'm reading from now :D

  5. It's a gorgeous view! Thanks for the blog recommendations - I am following a couple now. Always on the look out for good blogs!

  6. Hi Clare! Tulips are my favourites! I'm so happy that we have found each others! I love your quilts and I'm looking forward what you have planned with your new fabrics! Thank you for inspiration and linking to 'Nero's Post'! x Teje

  7. SO why on earth are they closing it down making everything difficult... So annoying. Well,I still have to address this matter over at mines. I have uploaded all my blogs so far, it feels a bit weird to use Bloglovin. A little bit like when you've been to the dentist and pulled a tooth... It takes a while before you start feeling at home. Thanks for reminding me. Maybe this will be the mission of the day.
    Ciao bella!
    My Rose Valley


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