Saturday 30 March 2013

feeling zesty and nesty.

 Yep it's still cold...
best get on with living,
feels like we could wait a lifetime for spring this year.
We always seem to be drawn to dogs on beaches...
I could be falling in love with an idea...
This is what the south of England looks like today
from Hengistbury Head.
This is our third walk in as many days
 in an effort to keep fit and keep eating cake,
I'm keeping track on my calorie deficit.
 5 hot cross buns versus 3 far.
So that was the zesty here's the nesty bit.
Nope no nests with eggs in here.
We have a nest of tables!
How very sophisticated of us.
With that stunningly tenuous word linkage
I shall wish you all a Happy Easter!

*table details to follow....I didnt paint them.


  1. Hope your spring comes soon! Here in Australia we are looking forward to a change from summer's heat. I love all your EPP. I've made several traditional hexie projects over the years and hope to try another EPP project soon.

  2. I can relate to the" eating versus exercise " plan. I too try to walk every day- just in the streets, not on a beautiful beach like yours! The nest of tables look fab..... Quite unusual!

  3. That coastline looks lovely. I fancy as walk there myself!
    I love nested tables. They're just so practical!

  4. A very happy Easter to you and may Spring find you soon.
    Anne xx

  5. Well, your tables do remind me of a nest, somewhat. The blue is a bit robin's-eggish and the brown would be the nest!

  6. Hi Clare! Thank you for showing your view! Just amazing beach ... you don't have a dog to walk with you?! Wonderful set of tables! Happy Easter! x Teje

  7. Great post title!
    I think it's law that the number of hot cross buns eaten is more than the number of walks you take.
    Fab little nest of tables.
    Lisa x

  8. Those walks look like they will blow any cobwebs away! I often walk after work, to clear my head, but nowhere as nice as your walks!

  9. Hmmmm...for some reason I feel like there is a deeper meaning in this post. Do tell, Miss Clare, what are you up to? I love that beach....the beach in cool weather or stormy weather is the best. Pretty tables nesting there.....Miss Zesty Nesty!

  10. Do it......! A dog is just what you need! :-)

  11. Every home should have a nest of tables, they come in so handy, even better if they look as good as these! :) x


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