Monday 25 March 2013

something old something new...

something wonky something blue!
A quilt top in a week?
That's a first for me.
I dashed outside because the sun came out...
but then it went in again!
You cannot see the vibrancy but then again you cannot see the wonkyness either.
And I know you are shouting what wonkyness?
my point exactly.
As a stubborn 'indie' quilter
I learn by my mistakes 
so I can pass them onto you.
My lessons that is
not my mistakes!
The wonk is subtle,
created by me sewing my rows in one direction.
It does make squaring up a challenge,
a bit like levelling a table
a bit off this side~ a bit off that side!!
I suppose everyone has their way,
if like me you have tendency to lean one way
(even with a 1/4'' foot)
this tiny lean can gradually increase with every row.
So...if you are having a go at this style
alternate your direction.
Pinning your seams may also help hold the fabric straight...
but there's no fun to be had playing with pins!

anyone else crushing on Justin Timberlakes latest tune?

spell checker thinks wonkyness should be kinkiness or windiness
both awesome words but I'll stick with wonkyness thanks x


  1. I can't see any wonky seams, but what's wonky seams amongst friends.....I really love these colours! :) x

  2. I discovered the "wonk" when I made a runner out of strips... although I cant see any wonkyness in yours! gorgeous quilt!

  3. Nothing wrong with a bit of wonky! Love the colours, and admire your speediness, I'm lucky if I finish a quilt a year.

  4. This is beautiful quilt. You've done something magical with your selection of fabrics. Love it and it definitely inspires me to try this.

  5. LOL yes to Justin, yes to having had autocorrect turn "wonky" into "kinky" a time or two, and YES to this quilt, which is a total stunner!

  6. Looks fab and any wonkyness is fairly well disguised in a great quilt top and the wind blowing it about.

  7. What a simple and so effective way of using those strings. Lovely!

  8. Got to love spell checker! Beautiful colours in your quilt!

  9. Love the quilt! I'm just trying to think of an excuse to start cutting up a load of little strips of fabric... x

  10. Reminds me of the wonky donkey story! Do you know it? Great quilt, wonky or not!

  11. It is fantastic! Wonky-good! One week....I feel so inadequate ;)

  12. I learned the sew in opposite directions rule a long time ago, but still have to remind myself when actually sewing. Kind of like being ambidextrous, but more right handed. :) thinking you must have squared up already, as wonkiness isn't really noticible! Great color choices as always! Jo

  13. That is so pretty! I know what you mean about leveling a little off of each side. I've cut tops down to fit the perfect backing. :-)


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