Wednesday 29 February 2012

the sneakiest peek

 Elephants never forget...and neither do I.
As promised I am making something special for one of my lovely followers.
Giveaway details will be posted shortly...
 I can guarantee it will take the shape of the rose star pattern
like these wonderful recent makes from the block party
Photos courtesy of the starlets on my flickr block party

Monday 27 February 2012

spring has sprung...if I was a slinky I'd be halfway down the stairs already.
I am like a moth to a flame..
and so the daydreaming begins...
After sifting through my hibernating seeds I have sown.
white cosmos
purple phlox
white echinacea
white lupins
purple echinops
white foxglove
blue sweet peas
(collected from my garden)
The latter are in a cold frame 
the foremost are snuggled in their propagator.
The majority of these will be given away..
I just love growing seeds its like a new beginning every year.
What do you do to speed up springs arrival?

Thursday 23 February 2012

wip thursday?

Oh I seemed to have lost a day this week?
I was sure it was wednesday!
Like they say 
everyones got a book in them..
everyone has a pink quilt in them too.
It had to be done.
This zigzag will be for sale when I open my etsy shop,
though I'm only quilting one stripe a day 
due to my shoulder (it's that bad)
so it may or may not be for sale this year LOL!

No sewing today.
I have the back door open.................

ps. thanks to you all I have over 100 followers!
which feels lovely.
I shall start thinking about that special prize...

Wednesday 22 February 2012

inspiration or not?

You know I'm all about having an inspiration for my quilts.
Now I'm thinking my summer of love quilt
 was the inspiration behind this fabric line?
It's from art gallery fabrics.
(nothing to do with me)
Am I insane?
I don't own this colour combo
but I'd love to know if they have seen my quilt.
I just keep looking at the two pictures,
I cannot believe how similar the colours are,
even down to the same two turquoise solids!
Oh and part of this stash comes from a collection called..

Tuesday 21 February 2012


Looks like selfsewn has sprung into life.
You guys rock big time.
85 followers in 24hours!
Only 15 more before I get my 
special giveaway needle and thread out!!

Feeling very much loved
thankyou for believing in me.

Monday 20 February 2012

over here!!

 I'm pacing the room excitedly awaiting your visits.
Hopefully you've made the trek from summerfete my original blog.
Welcome to the real selfsewn blog!!!
 It's going to be as fun as ever,
much the same as before.
I have added a tab so my tutorials are redirected for now.
 So here is my first fully fledged selfsewn project.
It's my mini quilt for Ellison Lane.
It has a great story behind it,
which has nothing to do with a cadburys creme egg.
(I am not sponsored by cadburys, but I live in hope)
I couldn't help thinking of creme eggs with this colour combo LOL!
So here I am.
I really am very excited about my future in quilting.
My head is full of great things...
hope you will stick around for the ride?

I'm losing all my 424 followers.
If I make it to 100 followers before March
there will be a special gift for someone...