Monday 20 February 2012

over here!!

 I'm pacing the room excitedly awaiting your visits.
Hopefully you've made the trek from summerfete my original blog.
Welcome to the real selfsewn blog!!!
 It's going to be as fun as ever,
much the same as before.
I have added a tab so my tutorials are redirected for now.
 So here is my first fully fledged selfsewn project.
It's my mini quilt for Ellison Lane.
It has a great story behind it,
which has nothing to do with a cadburys creme egg.
(I am not sponsored by cadburys, but I live in hope)
I couldn't help thinking of creme eggs with this colour combo LOL!
So here I am.
I really am very excited about my future in quilting.
My head is full of great things...
hope you will stick around for the ride?

I'm losing all my 424 followers.
If I make it to 100 followers before March
there will be a special gift for someone...


  1. Well done on the fresh start- I am sure you will lose none of your followers, we all await eagerly to see your next project! Lots of luck
    Heather x

  2. Hi Clare, I'm here!!!
    Good luck with Selfsewn. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Hi Clare,
    Im here too!

    I have on my to do list, to do your english paper piecing tutorial and then to advance up to the rose one.
    It might be slow - but it IS coming, lol.

    Im glad you're excited about your future in quilting, we are excited about it to!


  4. I am still with you Clare! x

  5. Poooof !... Just landed here, from your previous blog ;>)
    Following you, OF COURSE !

  6. I've joined again too. Not quite sure why you felt a whole new blog was necessary, was it just the name? Loved the hollyhocks on your last summerfete post, was good to be reminded that it won't be long now till some flowers other than snowdrops appear in the garden!

  7. I am a follower who followed you over here! Your mini quilt looks great and chocolate is the drug of choice for most women :) Di xo

  8. All the best :-) I will look forward to catching up with all the reading when I return from my month away at the end of March. I'm hoping to then get back into my blogging which has been rather hit and miss of late.

    Gorgeous quilt blocks etc...

  9. I've followed you over, and now I have a craving for a creme egg!!!!

  10. Well, I'm following you over here as I like what you do and look forward to your next post. Best of luck with your new blog and new ventures.

  11. I will follow you, follow you where ever you me go!! I'm really glad with your tutorials! Even finished my first Rose Star! so thank you for your inspiration!
    Greetings from a Dutch Fan!

  12. I'm here following you again. You can't get rid of us that easy you know!

  13. Hello, i am now following you here xx

  14. your blog is just lovely! will be following you for sure!

  15. Following you here again! Love your work :)

  16. I've followed you over here!
    I'm #37

  17. fingers crossed for a smooth transition!
    (absolutely love the new quilt, btw!!)
    When I switched from Littleshika to Life Under Quilts I was really nervous about losing readers and links, but I had to do it or I knew I wouldn't be happy. Your blog is a representation of who you are right now, so I understand and support your new beginnings. Congratulations on a great, crisp, clean new space!
    Btw, I'm working on a new project and I want to tell you more about it, I'll be in touch by email soon.


  18. You are the reason I'm doing epp and totally addicted to my rose and star blocks so now I'll follow you anywhere (within reason!)!
    I get the name thing, it was confusing me honestly - I'd want to look at something on your blog thinking selfsewn and then it would take me a while to remember!!
    I'm sure you'll make the 424 in no time!
    p.s. I can't stand Creme eggs (think I hate too many as a child) so if I get any I'll send them your way!!
    p.p.s PLEASE would you mind turning off your word verification, it's so very annoying!

  19. Hello I'm here! Its just like starting a new excersie book - do you remember when that happened at school?
    Good luck
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  20. Love your blog! On your new blog, I went to tutorials and from there clicked on Home. It directed me back to your old blog.

  21. Good luck with the new blog to update my blog roll :0)

  22. Here I am, and Ive changed you on my sidebar too. I love what you did with the back and front pictures too - you are so clever! Lots of Love xxxxx

  23. *waving hello!

    love the new place ... can't wait to see what you get up to :)

  24. You scared me Clare when I started reading your post I thought you were giving up blogging!

    Phew - followed you over! Now back to lots of loveliness please and no more scary talk : )

  25. Phew! Thought you were about to finish your blogging days there Clare. I have popped over and will become your next follower :) good luck here at Selfsewn xx

  26. I've made the switch with you. :) Love your modern mini...amazing! I want your hand sewing skills! :)

  27. I enjoy your blog and am happy to follow you to your new location. I have to mention that I've become a bit addicted to making the Rose Star block.

  28. I follow you via my feedreader ;)

  29. I follow you via my feedreader. ;)

  30. Aw, all the good followers will find you again eventually! Especially if u go through one by one and stalk them, which you've probably done already because you're smart and shifty like that. It's what I would have done, anyway :D

  31. Well I follow you on summerfete so I'll follow you here as well! Your nearly at your 100 so you'd better get stitching.

  32. Wouldn't miss our posts for the your blog. Good luck with the new adventure!!

  33. FABULOUS. I am here. I found you!!! I'll stick around F O R E V E R to be dramatic. :D Love everything you do. Cheers.


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