Monday 27 February 2012

spring has sprung...if I was a slinky I'd be halfway down the stairs already.
I am like a moth to a flame..
and so the daydreaming begins...
After sifting through my hibernating seeds I have sown.
white cosmos
purple phlox
white echinacea
white lupins
purple echinops
white foxglove
blue sweet peas
(collected from my garden)
The latter are in a cold frame 
the foremost are snuggled in their propagator.
The majority of these will be given away..
I just love growing seeds its like a new beginning every year.
What do you do to speed up springs arrival?


  1. I wish I were your neighbour, Clare, if you sew all these lovely seeds and give most of them away! Love your pink quilt, by the way. Glad to hear you are being sensible with the shoulder...
    Hen x

  2. I look forward to seeing some photos of your Spring garden! Maybe I'll get some shots of the Autumn leaves here- although we are still in the throes of Summer down under!

  3. Hope that this activity is more gentle on your back and shoulder. Looking forward to seeing more of your garden in full bloom again this year.
    Lisa x

  4. i start planning! we have a few weeks until things like lettuce and peas can be planted, but i will clean up the garden next weekend for that. i also want to add some peat moss and compost before we plant because one side of the garden doesn't grow things as well as the other side. i hope the soil is the problem! :)

  5. Haha! Clean and declutter! I've been known to put my seed trays on top of the cable box to encourage them to germinate faster. In fact, I really need to get on that!

  6. As Lisa will tell you, I just need to see frogspawn. xxxxxx

  7. I start picking out spring coloured fabric and buy tulips for a vase in my kitchen!

  8. I think Spring Cleaning is the most satisfying way to usher in the sun and warmer weather. I think it is wonderful that you start your own plants from seed. Not only are you selfsewn but you are also selfsown!!! hee hee

  9. I love gardens and gardening as much as I love quilts and quilting. So happy I found your new blog.....was an avid lurker before.

  10. Hi Clare, flown over from Summerfete, now following you here! You're ahead of me with planting your seeds, must get out into the greenhouse very soon. So busy at the moment, you see someone has a rose star tutorial which has got me hooked!! Anyone you know?????
    Take care of that shoulder, Karen x

  11. Gardening is one of my passions, too. We planted our potatoes last weekend.

  12. My goodness! You have a lot of potatoes chitting!!! I have sent off for Sarah Raven's wildflower seeds to hasten the onset on spring! I may even shed a layer of clothing in preparation of the warmer days to come. x


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