Thursday 28 February 2013

the thursday thread

I do love making things for others.
I have a feeling this may happen more often.
How many quilts can a house really hold?
Have you ever thought about the future of our quilts?
I mean when they're antiques. 
(assuming they last that long)
Will there be sought after quilts?
Will there be collectors of blog quilts?
I like to think so.
Will we be given a collective name
like the impressionists or the pre-raphaelites.
I'd hope to be seen as a Van Gogh rather than a Monet.
Either way the textile rail of the future
will be a treasure trove of love x
On that note I'm off to label this one,
with the hope that somebody from the future 
may one day look me up and read this thread.....hi
dont forget to enter my giveaway here

Monday 25 February 2013

amusing you monday

Does ones creative space reflect ones personality?
If so then I name myself the creatively chaotic one.
This really sums up my whole life,
from my sewing room 
to my home
to my eating
to my cleaning
to my garden
to my head
 to my reading
to my hair
to my fashion
to my quilting 
to my fabric choices
and to my blogging.
Does it hold true for you?
Do tidy quilters have tidy quilts and tidy homes?
This weeks goal is to sort my sewing room out,
it is the top of my list,
everything else can linger for longer
in creative chaos..
Yes I am chitting my seed potatoes in my sewing room.

Friday 22 February 2013

friday afternoon basting

Has anyone ever entered their own giveaway?
I have a feeling I probably won't win.
Wow basted within 10 minutes,
wish all quilts were so speedy.
I'm still undecided on quilting,
possibly a mix of machine and hand.
I have a busy weekend so it will have to stew in my head.
Happy weekend again!!
Dont forget to enter my giveaway here
to win 
a little love
(and thats a quilt by the way and nothing else!)

Wednesday 20 February 2013

giving..a little bit of my love to you

 Well my friends
it's been a year since I changed my name and blog
 from summerfete to selfsewn.
It is actually my fifth year blogging,
some folks have come and gone
but for those of you who have stuck with me
I have been recreating a mini summer of love
 english paper pieced quilt to giveaway
as a token of my appreciation.
I had forgotten how much I love colour balancing.
Never be afraid to revisit
especially if it's one so beloved.
If you would like the chance to win 
a little love
all you have to do is follow my blog
and leave me a comment.
This giveaway is a work in progress,
so will be open for a while
though I'm thinking it will be my first finish of 2013.

Like my summer of love quilt
the fabrics I've used are a mix of old and new
but mainly old..
It's not what you've got, it's what you do with it!

Giveaway now closed

Monday 18 February 2013

monday musings

Remember last month I showed you the butterfly clip?
Well I knew I'd had it a while.
 Imagine my surprise last week when I found this picture of 
my Brother, my Great Grandmother and me!
Little me rocking that clip!

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Those three words

just about says it all really.
Sunday was the day of days,
London bound
we finally got to see our beloved band of twenty years
Thats all I need this week,
you can keep your day of love
I have a lifetime of love
and a lifetime of listening
ooh and a band plectrum from the gig.

Saturday 9 February 2013

mondays amusements on saturday

I was saving this for Monday,
but thhought I should lighten the air.
I'm linking this post to Displacement Activity
Charlotte is celebrating her one year anniversary of blogging
with a giveaway do pop over you'll be so glad you did.
So why this particular post?
Charlotte recently confessed to having a smutty mouth,
funny cos I hadn't noticed
maybe when great minds think alike
they cancel each other out?
My tourettes word is boobs.....
this is my vintage booby cushion...
can you see them?

I shall soon be hosting a little giveaway for my
year of blogging as selfsewn,
be sure to pop back February 20th,

Friday 8 February 2013

Wednesday 6 February 2013

mods and rockers

*my 19 year old self circa 1993
Well I am most definitely a rocker,
traditional is my bag.
Which is probably why, up until now I've left modern quilting
well... to the mods.
So why am I dipping my toe in?
As you know I've been racking my laptop
looking for the right quilt for my batik(gift) fabrics.
I went back and forth with ideas,
then after a Gees bend search (thanks Mary)
*image courtesy of upstatelisa
I came across Lisas 'gee's bend' style bee quilt.
Something in my traditional head snapped.
I then went on to discover
Sherri lynn @ dainty time
and then of course there's always Mari @ the quilting edge
Asking me to go all out mod is impossible.
I'm hanging out somewhere in the middle,
as always you can call me
that indie quilter.
When the penny finally dropped
everything fell into place..
including a name...the Network.
It's the 90's batik is everywhere.
I'm 19, in love with rock music and studying art.
The Network Club was 'our' life
a place where everyone knew your name,
and the place where I met my husband.

It all makes total sense to me now.
So if this quilt does turn out a little new age then so be it,
to me, it will always remind me of the best times.
I've also wanted to make an autograph quilt,
so I'm thinking of embroidering band names etc..
So are you a mod or a rocker...
or an inbetweeny indie quilter?

Monday 4 February 2013

do I amuse you?

Finally getting round to hemming these curtains.
Yep, I'd rather carry my machine downstairs than take the curtains down!
Foolish or genius?
 I'll leave it up to you.
Happy Monday xx

*Do I amuse you quote from Goodfellas

Friday 1 February 2013

friday february finish

 Well that's January over,
 and with it, the piecing of my snowday quilt.
The fact that I only used two fabrics meant that I could cut out 
all the pieces at once and just bash it out
with not a lot of thought...which is a good way to kick start the year.
I'm really excited at how quickly these large templates sewed together.
Though I did have to concede to using our local newsletter
when I ran out of paper.
Whats more it's free and it's recycling,
bet they didn't expect their advert ending up here.
I'm just waiting for some sun to show you the finished top
ala stained window style.
I still have to make up the quilt,
but as I have no batting or binding that can wait.

So what next?
I have an idea for my batik/charcoal/white project...
something quite different?
I am without a epp project which is a dangerous thing!
 I am very close to starting a rose star quilt,
thought it was about time seeing how I opened the 'can o worms'
last year for everyone!