Monday 25 February 2013

amusing you monday

Does ones creative space reflect ones personality?
If so then I name myself the creatively chaotic one.
This really sums up my whole life,
from my sewing room 
to my home
to my eating
to my cleaning
to my garden
to my head
 to my reading
to my hair
to my fashion
to my quilting 
to my fabric choices
and to my blogging.
Does it hold true for you?
Do tidy quilters have tidy quilts and tidy homes?
This weeks goal is to sort my sewing room out,
it is the top of my list,
everything else can linger for longer
in creative chaos..
Yes I am chitting my seed potatoes in my sewing room.


  1. Ha! So like my space, other than the potatoes that is. I started trying to sort out my minuscule office last week. It remains a WIP like all other things. Really, in an ideal world, I would just like a big space all of my own that I could shut the door on and therefore not get embarrassed if someone pops round.

  2. Haven't got my glasses on and I thought the potatoes were chocolate cookies!

    Yes I am chaotic - you'd fit in my home if you could find the space!

  3. I think what's great is that you are passionate to make things, if your way is to get a bit chaotic, fair enough. To answer your question, predictably I am a tidy quilter with a tidy home (the parts of it which are under my control at least!) I just like tidy, how the Munchkin can be so untidy, beats me!
    Hen x

  4. Good luck with the sorting. I'm trying to Spring clean. All the windows are open and I need to clean to keep warm!
    Lisa x

  5. At first glance I thought you'd developed an overwhelming desire for kiwi fruit! I don't think it'll come as a surprise to learn that I have a (fairly!) tidy home and sewing room...

  6. Oh my! I am so glad that I am not the only one. Your place looks very similar to mine.No potatoes there, though,lol!

  7. Hmm, I tried to see if they are potatoes or kiwi or something else and then thought you just put them there for the photo! I need to have order but it's difficult in the very small house. Fortunately I know where everything is. x Teje

  8. I thought those were potatoes! Ha! It all looks very familiar :)

  9. My sewing table does get a little messy but not for long! I guess it's the school teacher in me! Not sure what chitting potatoes means though- you'll need to educate me on that one!

  10. As I look around, I see junk, dirty dishes, makeup, shoes, and sewing supplies covering every flat surface in the room. Did I mention this is the living room? Plus, the bird cages could use a cleaning. My sewing room, though, is looking MUCH better. Don't be afraid to invest in some organizational tools. Less than $60 of storage drawers and actually sorting my scraps by color in a system that could grow with me made a big difference.

  11. I am sure we can all own up to a space like that!

  12. O dear, this looks just like my sewing corner, l am having days off work so will be sewing away all day! I thought the potatoes were prim Easter eggs!!

  13. This looks really familiar, except the potatoes!!

  14. At least your little space has character.

  15. I definitely have work spaces that look like yours, except for potatoes. I have accepted this as the authentic me, which so surely closer to Van Gogh than Monet! I am in love with your blog, and pondering whether or not to work on some rose star blocks. I already abandoned quilting for rug hooking, without looking back, until I saw them. Jaw dropping gorgeous! And now to see our work surfaces are vital moving surfaces, delights my soul!

    I'm waiting to see if I can talk myself out of a huge project, or maybe, make a single block for a tshirt. I'll be dropping by regularity for booster shots of enthusiasm! Jo

  16. Oh you make me smile! We're just alike, for sure. Creative chaos is my middle name(s)! Come organize my space once you're finished with yours, ok? :D


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