Saturday 9 February 2013

mondays amusements on saturday

I was saving this for Monday,
but thhought I should lighten the air.
I'm linking this post to Displacement Activity
Charlotte is celebrating her one year anniversary of blogging
with a giveaway do pop over you'll be so glad you did.
So why this particular post?
Charlotte recently confessed to having a smutty mouth,
funny cos I hadn't noticed
maybe when great minds think alike
they cancel each other out?
My tourettes word is boobs.....
this is my vintage booby cushion...
can you see them?

I shall soon be hosting a little giveaway for my
year of blogging as selfsewn,
be sure to pop back February 20th,


  1. I would say your booby cushion is lovely...but that just doesn't sound right! Hugs, Clare!

  2. Charlotte does have a smutty mouth, and a mind of a thirteen year old boy. She is hysterically funny. Love your booby cushion. Hate to admit it but my fall back word/phrase is FFS.

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous little pillow.

  4. More orangey/coral gorgeousness.
    Good luck with the upcoming jury business, never done it myself.
    Let me know if you fancy meeting after half term, maybe the weather will be more springlike then?!
    Lisa x

  5. fab cushion! Thanks for the linky love :-)

  6. Love it! You create the most beautiful things! :) x

  7. Great cushion, boobs and all!!

  8. I think you should repost this picture with lines drawn around the boobs, cause I'm not sure i see them! It's a pretty pillow! :-)

  9. What a beautiful pillow! My kids call their aunt....Auntie Booby. We have no idea where that came from because they (the boobs) certainly aren't noteworthy!

  10. Hi, I have just discovered your blog and its Fab! Ive added you to my own blog list that I call my Inspirational Corner. Thank you for sharing with us your lovely ideas and work. Beautiful.

  11. Haha Charlotte - he is smutty but very funny! So is Susan! The cushion is gorgeous boobs or not!

  12. I love the hexi cushion! I think I may pull out my hexagons again!


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