Thursday 28 February 2013

the thursday thread

I do love making things for others.
I have a feeling this may happen more often.
How many quilts can a house really hold?
Have you ever thought about the future of our quilts?
I mean when they're antiques. 
(assuming they last that long)
Will there be sought after quilts?
Will there be collectors of blog quilts?
I like to think so.
Will we be given a collective name
like the impressionists or the pre-raphaelites.
I'd hope to be seen as a Van Gogh rather than a Monet.
Either way the textile rail of the future
will be a treasure trove of love x
On that note I'm off to label this one,
with the hope that somebody from the future 
may one day look me up and read this thread.....hi
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  1. Love a good stripe for binding. Van Gogh is are definitely Clare Van Gogh!

  2. It is looking so beautiful. Whoever wins it will love it, and treasure it. You do make the heirlooms of the future. I think that is a nice legacy.

  3. Clare,, I'm sure yours will be very much treasured! :) x

  4. Anyone would be thrilled to have one of your masterpieces! I agree.....Clare Van Gogh!

  5. Ah yes, I'd love to think my quilts will still be around (and hopefully being loved!) in many years to come! x

  6. What a great binding!
    Nice to see a picture of you working on the quilt in your sewing room!
    I really have to get back to my rose star quilt following your tutorial...

  7. What an interesting thought! I'd like to think my quilts will be loved by future generations...and how important labelling is! I love the red and white striped binding! I'd LOVE to own an original by Clare!

  8. You can't go wrong with stripes. Ever. I think you may have just gotten yourself a new name!

  9. Mary is already the proud possessor of a CVG! It will depend I guess on just how much attention we put into them and who we give them too!

  10. Oh, what an intriguing idea - how our quilts might be remembered in the future. What a good motivation for labeling, right? Then again if blogs live forever...


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