Wednesday 6 February 2013

mods and rockers

*my 19 year old self circa 1993
Well I am most definitely a rocker,
traditional is my bag.
Which is probably why, up until now I've left modern quilting
well... to the mods.
So why am I dipping my toe in?
As you know I've been racking my laptop
looking for the right quilt for my batik(gift) fabrics.
I went back and forth with ideas,
then after a Gees bend search (thanks Mary)
*image courtesy of upstatelisa
I came across Lisas 'gee's bend' style bee quilt.
Something in my traditional head snapped.
I then went on to discover
Sherri lynn @ dainty time
and then of course there's always Mari @ the quilting edge
Asking me to go all out mod is impossible.
I'm hanging out somewhere in the middle,
as always you can call me
that indie quilter.
When the penny finally dropped
everything fell into place..
including a name...the Network.
It's the 90's batik is everywhere.
I'm 19, in love with rock music and studying art.
The Network Club was 'our' life
a place where everyone knew your name,
and the place where I met my husband.

It all makes total sense to me now.
So if this quilt does turn out a little new age then so be it,
to me, it will always remind me of the best times.
I've also wanted to make an autograph quilt,
so I'm thinking of embroidering band names etc..
So are you a mod or a rocker...
or an inbetweeny indie quilter?


  1. I think I was always with the independent labels doing my own thing.

  2. Go for it, do YOUR thing, aren't quilts supposed to be an expression of yourself, or the person you're making it for?! :) x

  3. Definitely a rocker, maybe just an older one than you!!!

  4. I'll have to think about that one! This is going to be a great quilt to see happen!!

  5. I look forward to seeing what happens with this quilt, it has certainly got you thinking! I was always more of a rocker than a mod. I had one boyfriend who told me my clothing tastes were a bit too zany for him! haha! I had a jacket like yours, painted flowers on my jeans and wore DM's so maybe I was a bit of a hippie rocker. I do like the upstatelisa quilt, that would get my vote. x

  6. I think I'm lost somewhere in the middle, too, just sewing what calls to me :-) I love where this is going! I'm excited to see it grow.

  7. I'm definitely an indie girl!
    I love your pants in that photo, very fun! :)

  8. I like the first quilt picture you shared, the colours and patterns are so vibrant.
    You haven't changed much either have you!
    Lisa x


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