Monday 18 February 2013

monday musings

Remember last month I showed you the butterfly clip?
Well I knew I'd had it a while.
 Imagine my surprise last week when I found this picture of 
my Brother, my Great Grandmother and me!
Little me rocking that clip!


  1. So sweet! You are so cute...your brother too! Thanks for sharing the mini Clare :)

  2. Great memories can be found in the smallest treasures.

  3. Beautiful! I love finding little treasures from long ago

  4. Aren't you such a little angel! They don't make clip like that anymore! Either that or you take very good care of things!

  5. There are lots of memories in that sweet little hair clip! It is a real treasure.

  6. What a cute little girl you were!
    Lisa x

  7. lovely, I also have my little butterfly clip too! sweet pictures, Heather x


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