Wednesday 12 November 2014

firecracker quilt reveal

 This must be some kind of record for me
three quilt reveals in one year?!
My camera does not like red
apologies if my pictures burn your retinas! know the protocol..

 The juicy bits.
Firstly I'm shocked that I finished this all in one year
especially as its hand pieced and hand quilted!
This quilt began after I had a purge on all my scrap fabrics.
Some how I had all these heavy woven fabrics
rather than throw them out I decided to make something from nothing.
The red and the cream were given to me by my Mum (as they do).
The denim was a skirt that I ripped.
The turquoise was a curtain from my last home.
The navy floral was a junk shop find
and the stripes came from another quilt back.
The quilt backing is a vintage sheet from the same junk shop.
Quilt measurements 75" x 60" 
diamonds 8" at the widest point. 
Quilted with cream anchor perle cotton 8.
I quilted lines that exploded out from the middle star
to add extra fireiness.
Lastly the name.
I soon realised as I began this quilt that I was going to keep it 
red white and blue.
As my birthday was a big one this year
I started to call it my celebration quilt.
But then my friend Mary
told me that people whose birthdays fall near July 4th
are called lil firecrackers.
And so I found the perfect name!!!
ps. this quilt is so!