Thursday 23 October 2014

back in the hoop

 For a couple of weeks now I've been 
quilting quilting quilting!!
I first hand basted the quilt sandwich with my favourite
heirloom 80/20 cotton blend wadding
and a perfect vintage sheet from my stash.
I find it works well to roll my quilt like a scroll when I'm basting
so I'm not distorting the layers by kneeling on them.
 Painted that wall mustard in summer!
 I have returned to the hoop.
I was a renegade for awhile...that was until
I realised it was okay to have more than one thread on the go!
I'm also using masking tape to guide my lines,
I'm not looking for perfect spacing
but straight lines are a must for this quilt.
 Multi threads (Lucy!)
I have chosen to exaggerate the explosiveness of the design
with the perle cotton 8 
I hope I made the right decision.
It reminds me of that White Stripes
Seven nations army video.

Thursday 9 October 2014

four cornered firecracker

What a perfect day for a quilt shoot!
This is my english paper pieced firecracker quilt top.
As its a heavy doodeee piece I was worried the quilting may be tough.
But no worries, this little sample was easy enough.
I have found the perfect backing
from my stash (of course)
Its a vintage sheet
not one of those soft over washed ones
but quite a heavy draped one....
love it when a plan comes together
especially without leaving the house!

The wadding is 80/20 cotton blend which I get from the cotton patch.
And the animation was made at

Thursday 2 October 2014

summer exhibition

  Autumn is in the air today
lets look back to my mini exhibition
in my garden!
Can you spot the falling quilt?