Thursday 9 October 2014

four cornered firecracker

What a perfect day for a quilt shoot!
This is my english paper pieced firecracker quilt top.
As its a heavy doodeee piece I was worried the quilting may be tough.
But no worries, this little sample was easy enough.
I have found the perfect backing
from my stash (of course)
Its a vintage sheet
not one of those soft over washed ones
but quite a heavy draped one....
love it when a plan comes together
especially without leaving the house!

The wadding is 80/20 cotton blend which I get from the cotton patch.
And the animation was made at


  1. Loooove it, like what you've done too.....proper action movie there! I've just bought some 80/20 to quilt my next one, might even have a go at some hand quilting! :) xxx

  2. Love a little animation, and love a gorgeous quilt even more.

  3. What a darn good firecracker quilt! I hope one day to be as capable as you with animation! And EPP! Perfectly wonderful Clare!

  4. Ahh.. a quilt video. What's not to love? lol I buy my 80/20 batting by the roll. Love it!

  5. Good for you! It's lovely. I have made several EPP quilts as well ; )

  6. great quilt and love hand quilting, I am using the eco friendly wadding at the moment and that quilts well too

  7. love it blowing in the breeze :-)

  8. That is super cool. How did you do that??? IG video? And not only is it super cool the quilt top is of course absolutely stunning. My daughter would kill for it as she wants everything in a her room in blue, red and white - british. She wants phone boot posters, the Union Jack flag and red busses on her walls. And I am scratching my head wondering - why? You are half American, not British. A US flag would be more understandable. But naaaahhh, British You Tuber fan crush it is (I think)... which explains the theme wanted for her room.
    My Rose Valley

  9. Lovely quilt. Love the animation too. My daughter sent me an animation I was going to use on my blog- needless to say, I didn't get round to it.

  10. Wow, great fire cracker quilt! I also love your economy block quilt! I seem to have been missing your posts for some reason. I thought I was following via bloglovin, but oh, well, I'm back, and once again enjoying your blog!

  11. Turn the animation sideways and it would really look like a flying carpet! :)


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