Friday 1 February 2013

friday february finish

 Well that's January over,
 and with it, the piecing of my snowday quilt.
The fact that I only used two fabrics meant that I could cut out 
all the pieces at once and just bash it out
with not a lot of thought...which is a good way to kick start the year.
I'm really excited at how quickly these large templates sewed together.
Though I did have to concede to using our local newsletter
when I ran out of paper.
Whats more it's free and it's recycling,
bet they didn't expect their advert ending up here.
I'm just waiting for some sun to show you the finished top
ala stained window style.
I still have to make up the quilt,
but as I have no batting or binding that can wait.

So what next?
I have an idea for my batik/charcoal/white project...
something quite different?
I am without a epp project which is a dangerous thing!
 I am very close to starting a rose star quilt,
thought it was about time seeing how I opened the 'can o worms'
last year for everyone!


  1. Looking great. I love those large blocks!

  2. WOW! That was quick! It looks fabulous Clare!

  3. Do you have little mice in there stitching while you sleep at night? hee hee! That was very quick and, oh, so lovely! I can't wait to see the next one.....don't keep us waiting too long :)

  4. Beautiful quilt!! I'm so tempted to start some rose star blocks!

  5. You are a quick worker, it's lovely! :) x

  6. Beautiful work - captures the cool cozy feeling of a February afternoon.

  7. You're finished it already? Wow - you made hay with that one… It looks just lovely.

  8. I really like your bigger piecing. Lovely quilt. Di x

  9. Mrs Speedy!
    Love the faded sugared almond blue in this new quilt.
    Lisa x

  10. In love with your fabulous friday february finish!

  11. Oooh! I'm excited about a rose star quilt!! The snowday quilt looks lovely x

  12. Yay! Your finished quilt top looks amazing :-D I fully support your venturing into giant rose star quilt territory ;-)


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