Tuesday 29 January 2013

colour running

I think I like making collages almost as much as I love making quilts.
I really enjoy racing round the house like an excited puppy
gathering all my quilty ideas,
like 'getting it down on paper'.
I am so into coral right now (not orange)
It began last year with the purchase of the coral rowan fabric seen in my mini quilt.
It is such an intense hue, it really sings to me.
 Especially when coupled with a turquoise snowday quilt.
For now I'm thinking pink vintage sheet for the backing, 
with a plain coral binding!!!!
Definitely hand quilted, 
possibly in red and white.

                     * fat face
All my photographs have been photoshopped
there is just no sun to be had.
If you still haven't given collages a go 
try out picmonkey
it really is easy and it's free!!
                                    * paper piecing tutorial here

Today I'm linking to Rachel @ Stitched in Color
who is currently rocking similarish combinations.


  1. I hope to play with my bundle Tsuru this week and it has the same colors happening, which I LOVE!!

  2. Lovely, I tried to leave a message on your previous post but blogger wouldn't let me, it's beautiful! :) x

  3. Lots of lovely coral! It is such a pretty colour!

  4. My heart swooned at that shade of coral. I need it!

  5. I am right up there with you on the love of coral Clare. It's summer here in the southern hemisphere and coral is 'the' colour. I love it together with your snowday quilt. I can often get a bit stuck with colour combining, I know what I like (in the moment) but I think I can be a bit scared to take the plunge as I am pretty fickle and can change my mind a LOT and still not be 100% sure! I do think the colours you are thinking of for the snowday quilt would be fab together.
    Jo x

  6. Yep, that is a way cool colour combo - coral and bluish/turquoisish.


  7. Love the coral and turquoise combo!

  8. Love the look of the blue bag.
    Great colour combos.
    Lisa x

  9. May have to give coral a try!

  10. Oh, I just now got to this post! That last EPP is slaying me. So, soooooo perfect. thanks for the link love. You are a sweetie!


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