Thursday 17 January 2013

my challenges...

should I choose to accept them.
 Produce a quilt using batiks.
Before you roll your eyes,
my Mum bought these back from Canada
I am not a fabric snob.
It's not what you've got
it's what you do with it.
er-hem moving on..
*still a Molly Flanders quilt!
 Get back into painting.
I'm thinking my garden, my quilts, my home.
How cute are these tubes!
Grow lots of brightly coloured zinnias on my allotment.
Start a new epp quilt using only two fabrics. check
Make recipes from my cookbooks.
Ride my bike at least once a week.
Spend more time doing these things and less time blogging!!

Do you like my design wall!!!
*the butterfly hairclip is from my childhood,
and a favourite thing.
** plate from Anthropologie


  1. Great plans. And I do love the butterfly hair clip!

  2. Whatever you challenges are I feel confident they will turn out brilliantly! :) x

  3. Lots of colourful plans for the year ahead.
    Don't try the bike riding this weekend though will you!
    Lisa x

  4. I'm sure you will succeed in all your challenges. Love the doll notebook.

  5. You have an excellent set of challenges.....ones I'm sure you will meet. Just make sure you leave enough time for blogging because I would miss your regular posts. Yes. I am selfish!

  6. Yes I love your window/design wall! Keep on blogging....cause I always read them!!!

  7. I'd love to join you for some painting! I am going to go back to my watercolour painting one day!

  8. I can't wait to see this new quilt! And you are so right about using what you have and it what you do with it that matters....words of wisdom, Clare. The colors on your table are beautiful and I am loving the design wall. I always find something wonderful going on when I pop over here :)

  9. Excellent choices and good luck achieving them! I made a resolution to leave 2013 UFO free! Only one down so far! I may regret my bold statement but I shall work at it!


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