Tuesday 22 January 2013

downday updo

 having a 'down in the dumps' day?
put your hair up
take photos of yourself in the orange thing
make a collage and post to your blog....
thats what I do.
note to oneself
you dont like pictures of yourself,
definitely not profile ones!
I really do have lovely hair
I just dont know how to 'do'

signed a 50s housewife.


  1. How sweet! You do have lovely hair and a pretty profile too! I hope your day ( and your 'do') is a happy one!

  2. You are lovely! In every way!

  3. Love it, you look great. And I cannot 'do' hair for love nor money.

  4. Don't be down in the dumps....how can you be with all that fabric stash!!! :) x

  5. I woke up with a mild case of the blues. I think I'll put my hair up and see if that helps. But I won't take my photo! Yours makes me smile.

  6. This made me smile,SO much, it's so familiar. You do have lovely hair, and a lovely profile, I wish I could do hair properly too. I would love a proper 1940s Veronica Lake do!

  7. I don't think I have an orange thing - might have to rectify that.

    On another note - I couldn't help thinking that those shelves are doing a great job of holding up all that fabric!


  8. Hope today is a happier day.
    Look at all that fabric!
    Lisa x

  9. You look so serious Clare! I have an orange thing but have my hair hinging doon as my mother would say - not very tidy!

  10. This was so cute and I can Totally relate!! :)


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