Friday 11 January 2013

whats your style?

As you know I am not a magpie I am a squirrel.
The subtle difference between the two
 is the ability to control the gatherings
and to find unusual items that make an interesting home.
The squirrelling has in the past included magazines
Every now and again they strike a chord with me
and the homestyle I've been secretly living is broadcast to the nation.
Obviously I like to share,
but sometimes I want to shhhush the magazines
and my their wonderful ideas.
I'm an arts and crafts kind of girl,
(you'd never guess right?)
Charleston House and the Bloomsbury set, Barbara Hepworth and Grey Gardens
are all a big inspiration to me.
 The latter being a recent find.
Grey Gardens is a film based on a real documentary
depicting the tragic, but uplifting life of a mother and daughter.
The main character is the decaying once glamorous house.
If you can, I urge you to find a copy of the original documentary,
then you'll understand where I'm coming from..
it's a faded beauty kind of thing.
 Starting this year with a new room,
some of my oldest finds are finally finding their place in this house.
This little glass dish was one of my first finds in a charity shop,
it's one of my favourite things 
I've had it over twenty years and probably cost pennies.
These two platters have similar stories.
I particularly love the smaller one.
They are both pretty shabby*,
but that's the look I like.
*(never to be confused with shabby chic)
When you are scavenger collector like me,
you cannot beat the rush  of finding an unusual object.
 Anyone remember this purchase from Shepton Mallet fair?
I finally got round to covering it with a piece of vintage fabric.
Many would paint this piece,
but I actually like brown furniture.
Remember when I said I had stuff squirrelled away in the loft?
Well, meet the bar stools found in a junk shop nearly twenty years ago.
Sometimes hoarding can be a good thing.
They are in original condition rust included!
I quite like them how they are..
I started hanging some of my old plates,
that's another post!
Have a lovely weekend whether you are a magpie or a squirrel.
I believe snow is forecast,
I'm an old fashioned girl so let it snow!


  1. I like brown furniture too - my house is full of 1920s/30s oak :-D

  2. Well, I think I'd like to be a bower bird, but only the males collect stuff, so I'm probably disqualified! However, it's a nice thought - the thing about bower birds is that it's not just the collecting, it's the laying it all out in increasingly pleasing ways...

    I have Country Living from 2000, 2004, then 2010 onwards... and I've never given one away (except a duplicate, to Lola Nova), recycled one, or even cut one up, yet. However, the other mags do get cut up after about 5 years of reading, as I do love to do the 'bower bird' trick with pictures, too! Thanks for sharing your ideas, your finds (so nice) and your pictures - you have really got me thinking!

  3. Lovely finds, and bring on the snow - says this Canadian!

  4. I think I must be a new breed, half squirrel and half magpie, a squipie! A bit odd really, sums me up perfectly! That little glass dish is great! :) x

  5. All your finds are precious! I will often stop at a vintage or second shop ( we call them op shops) 'knowing' there is a treasure waiting to be discovered and brought home with me! Part of the fun is the discovery and subsequent sharing! You should see what my sister found last week!

  6. You are an old-fashioned squirrel...and much more dedicated to the craft of squirreling than I. I find things I like and more often than not pass them by because I can't make a decision on where it will fit in my life. I wish I had your talent. And I agree with you....I like brown furniture...especially when it has been well used. Lovely, Clare!

  7. I saw Grey Gardens and loved difficult as parts were to watch. And I saw the documentary, too. Fascinating!! I love your style! I get the UK version of Country Living on my iPad. I think it's better than the one from the US.

  8. What a beautiful post. I love your treasures stored away and brought out to furnish and decorate your home in you own unique style. Just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Anne xx

  9. love the glass dish it is gorgeous ,bring on the snow :))) at the moment i am trying to de clutter a bit the only trouble is when i take stuff to the charity shop something always wants to come home with me !!

  10. Ooh Clare, how about some photos of your loft full of hidden vintage treats?

  11. I am a vintage lover - nothing better than poking around a vintage fair or shop! Always bring something home - much to hubby's annoyance though 2 Ercol armchairs seem more inhabited by him than me!

  12. I did see the Grey Gardens documentary a few years ago. I remember it all being bizarre and fascinating.


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