Friday, 4 January 2013

the first piece

Scrap quilting has become quite the most popular 
'New Year' thing.
Out with the old and in with the new?
 There's no prettier block for using up your scraps than the Dresden.
This one is from Material Obsession.
Yes I am the last person on earth to actually own a copy!
The lovely ladies are also bloggers and can be found 
I must admit that I haven't used scraps,
this was a test piece really.
I think it's good idea to try out patterns and colours 
before you take the plunge.
I'm not sure about this colourway for 2013?
I'm thinking of something more sophisticated...
 Whilst we're on the subject
just look what the very sophisticated Mary sent me for Christmas!
The loveliest notepad!!!!!!!
 The cutest purse for my pennies.
And this totally lush tea towel.
Mary you know me so well
thank you x
So that's applique ticked off my to do list!
I'm off to try out some rag rugging,
another terrific way of using up your 
big scraps!!


  1. Love your applique! The Dresden is one of my very favorite designs. I love that you used brown! I can't wait to see your rag rug. I would love to know the process.

  2. I received that book for Christmas, too! And another Kathy Doughty book - a friend from Australia sent me it, after she'd had it signed by Kathy!! I haven't made anything from them yet, just admired all the projects (many, many times)! I love your Dresden block and all your presents from Mary!

  3. Loving the dresden. I have received a template for doing them so I think they are on my list of things to do as well.

  4. your dresden is so pretty! I love the unusual choice of chocolate browns for the background and center! :) that tea towel is fantastic! I have searched and searched for one, and haven't been able to find one :( enjoy yours & happy Friday!

  5. That is one of my favourite patterns from the book. So so pretty!

  6. I would love to see brown become a trend color for 2013.. your block looks lovely.
    Happy New Year~~

  7. That book is a good one for inspiration. I like the scrappy Dresden :) Di x

  8. I love brown! I hope it becomes more popular because it goes with so many colors! I had my Material Obsession 2 book out yesterday! I find their projects so adaptable!

  9. Love this Dresden, I think the colours look good together, I'm always a bit nervous about using colours I don't normally, perhaps I ought to get out of my comfort zone! Lovely gifts from Mary! :) x

  10. Looking forward to seeing your rag rug result. I'm sure it'll be just as fab as all your other creations.
    I lvoe the new notebook, just your colours!
    Thank you for your emails and the lovely new header.
    Will reply soon, it was so lovely of you to send it.
    Lisa x

  11. Dresden's are so much fun, somehow they always work beautifully! Love the brown dotty background - please keep us posted on the rag rug. My Nan used to make them and I'd love to have a go.
    On the subject of scraps, I'm thrilled they're now having a moment. So many quilts seem to be 'fabrics from this line'. I like the scrappy mish-mash look! All the best for 2012 to you, love your blog!

  12. Your Dresden is the colors and the brown. And your tea towel is so fabulous and impossible to find as hard as I looked. I am very happy that one of my favorite people has one!!

  13. I would LOVE to make a rag rug! I use the "Dresden" piece that you made me every day. It reminds me of our lovely day out. xxx

  14. Gosh I love that book, and the Dresden quilt is one of my favorites that I have made from it. I really like the brown dot fabric.
    I think the dishtowel wants to come home with me.

  15. Gorgeous fabrics, the dresden block looks fab!
    Book looks wonderful, been on my amazon wish list a while but still not got it so you're not the last!!!
    Happy new Year and wishing you a happy and creative 2013 - sounds like you're already ticking the boxes!
    Gill xx

  16. Gorgeous Dresden! Enjoy the book.

  17. Great pressies from Mary! I don't have that book yet but have plenty of others! The Dresden is beautiful. Have to admit that applique was my entry into the quilting world and therefore I can't throw away the tiniest scrap - you just never know when you might need it!


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