Friday 18 January 2013

snowday sewday

How could I not share today.
After a day of quilters block yesterday
I set about starting my new epp project.
This is a two fabric project,
just some vintage sheeting and some white cotton..
I'm finding it hard to steer away from calling it snowflake!


  1. Woohoo! We are home too. Loving the snow and loving that I am getting sewing done. Housework is forbidden on a snow day I do believe.

  2. Very aptly named.
    Hope Mr Robin is keeping warm too!
    Lisa x

  3. That is some snow you are having! And your very own snowflake too- all prettiness!

  4. The snow is so beautiful! Lovely robin....lovely snowflake!

  5. The photo of the little bird in the snow is so beautiful.
    Anne xx

  6. snowflake is so appropriate! your snow is pretty...and your epp block even more lovely!

  7. It is beautiful! Great collages BTW!


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