Tuesday 21 February 2012


Looks like selfsewn has sprung into life.
You guys rock big time.
85 followers in 24hours!
Only 15 more before I get my 
special giveaway needle and thread out!!

Feeling very much loved
thankyou for believing in me.


  1. Why wouldn't we believe you?!!! You're still the same, just under another name !
    (Oh, i believe i'm in a rhyming state) :o)!!!!

  2. Heck yes! What an accomplishment. Go you! Thanks for being so totally killer cool and stuff :D

  3. I love love love that hexagon star quilt!

  4. That's because we all believe you rock, Clare! 89 and counting...

  5. LOL! We'll follow wherever you go ;-)

  6. LOVE your blog! You are such an inspiration! Don't worry, all your followers and more will find you. Keep up the awesome work my dear. <3

  7. I'm the 100th! I'm very glad to have found you again :)

  8. I have just been reading (and loving) your work over at SummerFete. Then I read your final posts. Eek! Had to pop over here. Phew ~ everything is just as it should be.
    I am glad it has been a successful journey for you to change over. I attempted changing my URL fairly recently, but panicked at the last minute!
    Happy to have discovered you. I'm now a happily a 'friend' too.
    ღ Aleta


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