Saturday 23 March 2013

something old something new

old quilt top

hello weekenders.
As there was so much interest in my latest endeavour
thought I should share my progress.
Thursday my machine and I had a sew in.
We managed to sew 29 rows in all!
Alas not finished yet 
time to get cutting and piecing.
My strips are 2 inches (before sewing)
if anyone is interested...


  1. Love it! Rooms looking good too! :) x

  2. Pretty! You have a really light filled house!

  3. ooh your house looks lovely - and the new quilt too!

  4. I am just about ready to start a similar quilt and havent done this type before. Do you sew the pieces in long strips then sew them together later ? Your looks fab and has spurred me on to start mine tomorrow as I have a quiet day planned.

  5. Looking fab. The colors brings me to the beach with wild turquoise ocean wavws sweeping in and making white foam. That is a big one... Are you hand quilting it later?

  6. AWESOME! This is great Clare! I can't wait to see how you finish it!

  7. Loving it. The colors and strip placement are fab! You're so talented.


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