Wednesday 6 March 2013

giveaway reveal

 Spring was in the air was the love!

 Hopefully yesterdays sun was a glimpse of the year ahead.
The skies are back to grey again today,
so bathe in the warmth of my blog.
A little love is an english paper pieced quilt
made mainly with recycled materials,
and measures 27 x 18 inches.
I have lightly machined and hand quilted,
finishing with candy stripe binding and a hand embroidered label.

If you havent already entered my giveaway
to win this mini quilt
click here.
 You have until Friday when the winner will be revealed. 

For future reference the above collage can be found in the 
quilt tab at the top of my blog
along with my other makes.
Clare xxx


  1. I think it looks absolutely lovely. And yay for a little bit of sunshine too.

  2. I would say quite a bit more than "a little love" Clare.
    ; )
    beautiful pictures!
    you will make somebody very happy!

  3. Oh wow, it is a beauty! And really more than a little love! Precious!
    Enjoy the sun! Hugs Martina

  4. It is gorgeous! So excited to see who is going to win this beautiful creation of yours!! Glad you enjoyed the sun while it lasted, we got some snow last night!!

  5. Sweetheart, it's beautiful. Very 'funky'......just great! :) x

  6. It's a treasure......that's for sure!! So lovely! And beautiful photos, too!

  7. Some one is going to really enjoy that one!

  8. You quilt is simply beautiful, too lovely for me to own. So this is just a message to say thank you for the inspiration your blog provides. I started paper piecing reading your blog, and have now converted a friend too. I now have the skills to finish the patchwork top with Laura Ashley fabric my mother started -- but never finished -- in the 1980s. So thank you! JJ

  9. Your quilt looks so happy out in the sunshine!

  10. Oh, its gorgeous! Such beautiful photos too...would you mind if I pinned the shot of your pond- it's so relaxing and calm!

  11. Amazing! How can you part with it???

  12. Your blog is fantastic and you are such a generous person!

  13. Beautiful Stitchy quilt. How can you bear to give it away? Di x

  14. It's lovely and I love the 'candy cane' binding!

  15. Absolutely beautiful. I really love this quilt.

  16. She's beautiful! (And yes, that quilt is definitely a girl, not sure why though!)

  17. I like the fussycut pieces. I like to start my own quilt with this pattern in the next holidays (without sewing machine). We'll see.


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