Thursday 24 October 2013

stitch tease

I am quilting what is probably my best and most favourite quilt so far!
When it comes to quilting I tend to get really stuck,
I just never know how to do whats best
for the good of the fabric.
That was a terrible sentence but I'll leave it in.
So I have plumped for a mix of machine and hand quilting.
When I hand quilt I usually use my trusty
water soluble pen to draw on the pattern,
but on finding said pen to be dried up
I have resorted to masking tape.
Thats all folks....


  1. I love a combination of hand and machine quilting - the best of both worlds! And the colours in this quilt ar gorgeous! Dare I say - Spring-like!

  2. Thanks for coming over to visit Clare. You are a proficient patchworker! I remember the days when you just dabbled with it and used to blog about your lovely garden too. I am glad that you have found a passion that brings you great joy. x

  3. I love the combo too! This is going to be fabulous and it is no wonder it is your favorite!

  4. I just love the colors in this quilt. Yes, the combination of hand and machine quilting will be just lovely!

  5. And that is why your hand stitching is straight and mine is wonky as all get out.

  6. A new favourite! I look forward to the big reveal.
    Lisa x


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